Listen to your heart

When your heart tells you something’s wrong, listen

When you heart tells you, you understand, listen

When your heart tells you to move on, listen

For others may tell you all day long, whats right and wrong

But your heart only knows whats true for you;

In all that you are,

For all you have been through,

Listen to your heart;

Listen to its wisdom ‚ô°

~ M. L Adams

Freedom is a choice

Freedom is a choice
Freedom is a choice

One of the greatest gifts I have found on my journey so far is that of freedom, true inner freedom. I say gift because it is one we all have innately yet so many of us fail to acknowledge it, it can sometimes take a journey of realisation to do so.

This is what happened¬†to me after too many years of living in a place where I’d felt trapped both inwardly and outwardly, now I know this truth and I see it very clearly so much so I had forgotten how so many don’t.

After having this recent insight I felt passionately about sharing it with you to always remember your freedom of choice. To remember you are innately free by the freedom to choose, no matter what. I really do believe it can be this simple, as simple as a choice. None of us are prisoners and even if you are in the external sense, you still have the freedom of choice in what you believe, and in what you perceive things to mean for you and your life.

Choice is our greatest gift and the biggest illusion is in believing that we do not have a choice.

I find it shocking now when I see what some people will accept and in effect to  choose to suffer because they are in this illusion that they do not have a choice, when they really do. If you are suffering in a job, relationship or any circumstance you always have a choice. Always head towards your joy.

As Joseph Campbell stated;

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where before there were only walls.

There is so much truth in his words and doors really do open up before you when you make a choice to follow your bliss.

When we only look externally or at the conditions we may be in, it can appear that we are trapped in some way, but there is always a choice even if only in how we choose to perceive it and this alone can change everything.

The greatest choice I believe is that of either love or fear, one on which everything can be based. In reality we are all free, we only need to choose it for it to be realised.

Your choices are the real gifts you contain;

To create a life of real beauty or pain.

~ M. L Adams

Trusting in your Intutition

Trusting in our intuition is something we often hear of and how important and useful it is for successful results. The challenge I often found was how do we know what is our intuition or what instead is fear of the unknown.

This has been a journey of realisation for me and I have found one of the most important things is to recognise your intuition (being within you)  is very personal to you and your experience in how you learn to follow it.

With me it has taken me several times in ignoring it and then realising that I would have been better having followed it to realise the truth within. Since having learnt to follow it more things in my life are flowing far easier in the direction I want to go, not only that but I feel happier and  more at ease  in myself.

Following our intuition more often than not seems to involve going against what may appear the sensible thing and sometimes the thing we want to do, and in following it there can be some fear due to the unknown beyond it. Yet if we never step in to the unknown we may never experience anything other than where we have already been, we may never be able to experience that which we are seeking or create new possibilities and achieve our dreams.

If this is something you can relate to then from my experience I would say always trust your intuition, whenever I¬†have not listened to my intuition it has only led me in to pain or struggle. Your heart¬†always knows and¬†it can very much be a head vs heart thing¬†where it can take a while to learn to trust in your heart over your head and it does take courage,¬†but I¬† know I will now always be drawn to do so and I¬† hope so for you too. ‚̧

In my words I would term it like this;

Follow your heart, it leads you to the unknown, where there are gifts you would never otherwise know.

Or as the great Steve Jobs said;

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.

From my recent experience I also put a video up on YouTube please check it out below and subscribe too if you enjoy ūüôā , thank you¬† ‚̧

Turn it around

Don’t give up on¬†life

Or allow it to get you down

Everything that happens,

Is here to serve you somehow

No matter how it may seem,

In any betrayl or deceit

There is always a point where you’ll win,

Where you will rise and be free

Use this time to build you up,

To recover what was took,

To focus your own mind

On all your joy; on all you seek

You deserve the best now

You worked so hard for it

Let go of all that no longer serves you;

Allow your truth to rise within

It is your life, your mind,

It is you that holds the key

You can turn this around,

No matter what; just believe

~ M. L Adams

New Year Possibilities and Beginnings


Today has been an amazing new years day, looking forward to new goals and beginnings whilst continuing on projects over from last year too. I always love new year because of the energy everyone has with the potential of what we can be and become.

It brings alive the field of possibility in knowing that we can change habits we no longer need and become all we want to be, it’s often just maintaining this energy that¬†can be¬†the challenge.

That’s why¬†I believe¬†its so important to have this focus of what is possible consistently, to always be searching for new ideas and opportunities. To treat every day as if it is a new beginning just as we do at this time,¬†¬†because really it is. Everyday and every moment is a new beginning and anything is possible when our view expands enough to see all that is available to us.

The only thing that ever limits us is ourselves and our view of what is possible for us to do and when we focus daily on something that we may not have perceived possible, who knows what opportunities will come our way. I was a little disappointed at the end of 2014 that I had not achieved all I would like to have done but at the same time I know I have learnt so much. For all that is important as part of my journey and I achieved and experienced things that I never could have planned.

Most importantly from 2014 I learnt;

  • To always, always trust my intuition
  • The value of true¬†friendship
  • The art of allowing
  • The beauty of acceptance
  • New fields of possibility I never knew
  • That any perceived¬†obstacle can always be transformed in to an opportunity
  • The importance of expressing my truth and passion even more

New learning as well as achievements are all part of our journey of growth and the beauty in life, we never can fully plan everything. We can however be sure that when we go with the flow towards our goals we will be heading in the right direction.

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is a perfect example of this, and in the end it is always about realising our potential and surprising ourselves with possibilities we never knew we could find.

I’m determined even more this year to be open to all new possibilities and opportunities whilst on the journey to achieving my goals which is why this year pubic speaking and any opportunities in this area will be a big part of my goal. Please watch this space for video uploads ūüôā¬†¬†¬†I wish you all the best success and lots of wonderful opportunities on your journey this year too. Happy New Year to you¬†ūüôā Lets make this year¬†amazing.

There is no end, only beginnings,

Every moment, is a new beginning

~ M. L Adams

Living at the Cause


I’m re- posting this as it was around this time last year and it serves as powerful a reminder right now¬†of the importance of personal power, one of¬†intentionally creating in each moment, every single day.

We all have far more power over our lives than we sometimes realise, it’s just a matter of choosing where our focus goes. A daily practice however always.

Much Love,


Living at the Cause.

The Power of Kindness


How much of an effect can we really have?

I have always believed quiet strongly in the power of kindness but I must admit that recently I had become quiet disheartened about the level of effect this can really have and feeling despondent about the lack of response in my own efforts with others. I quickly then found myself being sucked in by negativity around me and the building up of it, no matter how I tried to change my focus this seemed to be taking over in all directions.

I found that when we feel powerless to change something this is when its hardest not to be taken over by the negativity, especially when its something that really matters to us. The war happening between Israel and Gaza at the moment is a perfect example. The sadness associated with it is something many of us are feeling right now and the question is, can we really do anything to help..?

In a world where we have many quick responses, it is something I think we have become accustomed to look for, yet the small actions we take can sometimes take years to have a full effect. Many of us want to help now and to make a big difference but I have realised that whatever little we can do and whatever ripples we can make is better than no ripple at all.

I have learnt through being on the receiving end of deep kindness, that the power it can have to completely change an outlook is one that can take someone that is ready to give up to someone that will do whatever it takes to continue.

It can be easy to get caught up in our own world and think we cant make a difference, but we do. That one smile, or one kind word or one pound donation can make the world of difference and I have rekindled my belief that the power of kindness is not limited at all, nor by any distance.

By knowing this and taking small actions to make a difference in anyway we can, each act create ripples that could continue way beyond us and even if we do not know about it we can be sure that a difference is made.

We only have to remember how those who have showed real kindness to ourselves and those we know have made a difference to us. It is not always about what we see, it’s sometimes the effect we do not see.

It also becomes not just about the effect but about the cause that re-awakens within us. Kindness in itself seems to act like a shield creating more joy for ourselves and those around us, the more kind acts we make the more effect we have, even when we do not see it.

I for one intend to use this shield of kindness far more and im eternally grateful to those who have shown great kindness to me when I needed it most. We all need kindness and to never forget to always be kind to yourself too.

Never forget this power you have within you
It costs nothing, yet creates something
 Something so Powerful, So Transformative, Something far more than the eyes can see

This power that exists within you 
Will transform the world, one at a time
 This power that is within you is so limitless,
Limitless to all those you reach every time

Believe you make a difference, That you really do,
Each little kind gesture,
Means all the world to those you reach out to


Recognise what’s in your life

See what’s there in front of your eyes

The things that really matter,

They’re already there

Within your heart, within your life

What really counts, it’s already there

Focus on those people who are there for you

The ones who make the time for you

The ones who will not lie to you

Who share and care and cry with you

Who build you up when you are down

Who forgive you when you need them to

Who see who you really are in every way

This is what really matters each and every day

~ M.L. Adams

For all those who take the time and are always there no matter what. What really matters is already here, when we are too busy seeking more, this we can easily forget. Our time is the most valuable thing and all we ever really have is now, I seek to treasure these moments now, the ones that really matter.

Miranda ‚̧

Truth Seeing

I saw deeper with you
Through all the blurred lines that cover truth
I saw pure beauty in you
In all you are and all you do

Regardless of all surface matter
This truth has always been there
This pure beauty that lies open to be
In all that’s here , in all that exists

This pure beauty is now so clear
The greatest thing you ever gave to me
Now I see pure beauty everywhere
It’s all around me, in all that’s here

You opened my eyes to all that’s true
To all that’s here , in all that exists
There is no way I can really thank you
Just please know I’m forever grateful
For all you are, for all this truth,
For all I see now; because of you

~ M. L. Adams