Walk in the Middle

Walk in the middle,

Amongst it all

Be  still in the middle;

In the present moment

Hear the sound ,

See the pattern 

Blend with it all

Find your true stillness;

Being you in each moment

~ M. L Adams

Without Time

Through the letting go of time,
We can find a way, a way that’s unconfined,
Yet it’s through the directing of our mind,
That we can find flow, a way that’s without time

It’s the paradox of our nature;
A way we may not have foreseen before
It is in finding this way without time
All becomes one, then we can overcome;
That which we could not before

~ M.L Adams

Living at the Cause


I’m re- posting this as it was around this time last year and it serves as powerful a reminder right now of the importance of personal power, one of intentionally creating in each moment, every single day.

We all have far more power over our lives than we sometimes realise, it’s just a matter of choosing where our focus goes. A daily practice however always.

Much Love,


Living at the Cause.


Fall in to this moment
This beautiful moment alone,
Where all that was once is no more
Where all that was once difficult is now beautiful
Fall in to this moment, fall and let go,
Let go of all that was and will be,
Become all you really know
This moment is all there ever is,
In this moment we experience pure bliss
Fall again, fall, accept all that is,
Fall in to this moment, where all our possibilities exist
~ M.L Adams

Gratitude – Louis Schwartzberg

‘Today is not just another day, today is a gift.’
Beautiful video by Louis Schwartzberg that teaches us the importance of gratitude and the beauty that is here in each and every moment.

‘It is never about the destination, it is always about the journey. Live for the journey in each and every moment.’ – M.L.Adams