The centre point

Make sure u always come from the centre point where you SEE everything
Ying and yang;
Go where there is nothing
Stay centred
Go to the midpoint , Not to either extreme

The way becomes as you are so stay centred
When you are centred nothing will bother you because you see it as it is
With nothing added to it

In order to go the other way life will push you to the extreme- if you stay stuck in one way and never bend or flow you always remain there, never seeing the centre point.

Bend and flow

Always returning to the centre point

Centring or self actualisation is achieved by swaying back and forth until one comes back to the centre.

The way is to intercept or stop extremes – to intercept the ego- using any method- point to the centre; to the truth.

Wanting to control
Or moving to extremes
In the uncontrolled
Comes from fear
Be centred


It occurred to me today;
That I achieved dreams this year,
Dreams I had dreamed of for years

For all i am thankful,
For all dreams yet to obtain
For all that helps me grow stronger each day

To come together in the balance of life
So I can serve as my best version in all that I am,
I am thankful

For all as we aim for our dreams,
Let’s never give up;
They come sooner than we can ever imagine 💕
~ M.L Adams

The Known Uknown

Expect the unexpected
We never know what may happen
Understand yourself
To understand anything else
We are always dancing
Coming together and apart
Learning in the process
The being
It’s all a flow
All one
Look at the whole
Not only one part
All answers lies in the being
Look here,
Look here
What’s in the being
All answers exist here;
Here in the known unknown 💗

~ M. L Adams

Freedom in Flight


This weekend past I had the beautiful experience of going paragliding for the first time, not only was this an amazing experience but also one that taught me,

Nature is our guide,
Nature is our teacher

Paragliding is something I’d wanted to do for some time, I always sought that feeling of freedom in really flying, as a child I must have dreamt of flying hundreds of times, me and my sisters always used to pretend we could fly (off the sofas) not quiet the same thing but we had the imagination. 🙂

As well as always dreaming of flying I’ve always had this kind of obsession with the sky, I could literally watch it for hours as it adapts and changes and however it appears it is always so beautiful.

I remembered writing this,

I spend far too long staring at the sky;

I’m pretty certain I was born to fly


When it came to going up in to the sky for real, there was some initial fear but more than anything I was excited, I had waited so long for this experience,

And then we let go;

Out in to the sky we went,


Following the ways of the air

Just as the birds do

There is no feeling like it, so beautiful and free, adapting with the ways of the air, being completely at one with this element. On the one hand we’re directing the course of flight but always in accordance with and flowing with the pockets of air, rising with the heat and following the other birds as they go, wherever they go.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have a flight of just under half an hour, as it is always dependent on the wind and this literally changes moment to moment, you can never predict how long it will be or how high we will get to go. In addition to the longer flight I also got to go quiet high up in to the clouds, which was beautiful and perfect.

Even though this was my first time paragliding, it felt so natural to me, it was new but at the same like I had done it before, I knew I was born to fly.  ❤

This experience is something I’d highly recommend, the feeling it brings is outstanding. However it may not be for everyone I know, the most important thing is to always follow your heart, follow your dreams ❤

Miranda x


Ways of being

A persons behaviour or pattern of being is never fixed,
To place this limit on another is to place it on oneself,
To realise this is to realise a deeper truth,
That where you come from is the ultimate You,
And all that you are here, is that which you choose 🙏

– M. L Adams

The way to freedom

How do we find true freedom?

This question is one that concerns me for all because it can often mean something different for everyone and then consciously or subconsciously that’s how we end up seeking it. The need or feeling to be free is like an innate drive within us, the great thing is however that it can be fulfilled far easier than we may realise.

So how?

Firstly it’s begins in our minds, this is where all freedom and focus starts, we can actually be in what may be perceived by others as a limiting situation and still feel very free.

So what is most important in our minds is how we are focusing and where it’s coming from;

For example- if our focus is coming from a past painful experience that we are wanting to move away from- this can actually limit us far more than free us. The reason being is that the very act of moving away from something already has a limit tied within it, because it’s linked to pain, although this can be a drive in some way, the fear and pain are still there.

Alternatively when moving towards freedom – you are driven by a cause and in addition having accepted or healed any pain left behind. So even though the pain may initially have drove you it is the cause that than enables you to seek and find the way to freedom both within and out.

Faith is also very important and is really a prerequisite to finding true inner freedom, for without it fear can still be the driver and therefore limiting the way forward.

If we look at some of the great examples, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Daisaku Ikeda they have all been driven by a great cause, that allowed them to achieve great outcomes and freedom not only for themselves but for many along with them.

We too can follow in their footsteps and have this type of true freedom creating beautiful waves along with us, when we base our lives on such a cause. 🙏


A course in miracles

Today I have reached the end of a years learning with A Course in Miracles. It is the end but as with all endings it is also the beginning.

As I reach this point of learning I also recognise that it was more of an unlearning, of all that is not true, all that is not whole.

If I was to give you one main lesson I have taken from this course, it would be this; That you already are everything, already are whole, you are what you’ve been seeking. Yet along life’s journey we can get caught up in an illusion that covers our truth, one that can easily be cast aside in any moment.

In each moment we always have a choice, that is whether to see through illusions or come from our truth.

In that we can see ourselves as either powerless based on fear,
Or as the truth,
The known, the love we really are, all of us, as we were born as.
Being as creators and teachers in all we do.

We always have this choice. ❤

All is here
Only here is now
Only now is here
All is here
As one,
I am here,
As Love

~ M. L Adams

Love and peace to you💗