Living for the Journey

It can be so easy to say live for the journey but what does this really mean to live it each and every day..

After considering this question this is what I discovered,

Do things for the love
For the journey
Most of all do things
So that so many other souls
Can remember how you helped to ignite, inspire and support theirs 💗

What does it really mean for you ..

To really live for the journey

To really truly be you..?

Something to ponder on..,

To your journey 🙏💗


Healing hurts


‘What hurts us can also heal us’

We can spend our life avoiding pain yet without the pain in life some things we may never learn. Without falling down in life we can never build the strength to get back up.

Pain in life is unavoidable right from when we are young, we fall down and have to get back up. Of course we want to avoid pain as our natural response, yet realising some painful or difficult experiences can be helpful too lets go of the struggle.

Life has often taught me that what hurts us can also be healing and not just healing but growth too.

What often appears to be in the way can be part of the way, as we are always growing.

Keep going on your way and you will grow stronger every day 💕

Notes from the Bhagavad Gita

Having just finished reading the beautiful book of the Bhagavad Gita I wanted to share my notes with you all, I hope you find them helpful 💕

Offer only love, gratitude and respect because all are Krishna. Do not be attached to material form.

Krishna is the body of eternity
He has no beginning,
He is the beginning of everything
The cause of all causes
Have no enemy,
In recognition that all are Krishna
Regardless of material illusion.

When we are disrespected as human form
It has no matter
Because it is only matter
And what is really important is that you remember who you really are and who others really are.

Do what you have to where necessary
Always remembering Krishna
Any suffering is only due to forgetfulness of the relationship with Krishna
Recognising the true form of Krishna and remembering this; coming from this is essential above all else.

See all as Krishna,
Do all work and have all relationships in service of Krishna,
It does not matter who, what, where or when.

Do not become an enemies enemy
Know that it is due to past misdeeds and better to suffer than to protest. Be grateful for the opportunity to transform it.

Be tolerant and friendly no matter what- calm , quiet and patient. Equipoised.
Do not identify with the body- have no false ego.

Does not attach much importance to the pains troubling the body.
Be transcendent to all fears or illusion of material duality.

Knowing or not knowing in intellect are duality illusions/ knowing in being is oneness – which is in fact Krishna the knower in all things.

Be always transcendental to either praise or defaming, distress or happiness. Be patient. Speak of nothing but truth (Krishna) therefore be called silent (not speaking nonsense) speak only of essentials.

Be fixed in internal knowledge (on Krishna) but not external conditions. Including people/what they say/do. Only be fixed on love.

Accept that people change, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse -accept them as they are.

The body of Krishna is known as the field
One who knows the field is liberated

False ego accepts the material body as oneself. When one understands he is not the body but is spirit soul he comes to his real ego. The sense of I am is real ego.

Have no envy
Do not hanker for anything
Be always centred
In being and non being
Knowing and not knowing
Always devotional
Transcendentally situated
One is automatically free
With no concern over honour or dishonour of the material self ,
Taking everyone as a dear friend
Seeing all as equal
Beyond material
Attempting all for Krishna,
One with Brahman 💕

Brahman is
And eternal
The constitutional position
Of ultimate happiness 💕


1.Impersonal Brahman / beginning of transcendental realisation. Seeing.
2.Paramatma -the supersoul- self beyond- with others/Krishna- become selfless. Where personality/individuality vanishes.
(The only permanence in life)
3.Supreme personality of godhead/ devotional service to Krishna – absolute truth.

Break attachment to material in whatever form it appears
It is all illusion

Material nature is exact replica of that intended through spirit
It is a reflection,
Unmanifest- manifest

The purpose of the vedas
Are to cut down the material tree and attain the real tree of the spiritual world

By understanding one becomes gradually detached from the false reflection of reality- by knowledge one can cut off the connection and be situated in the real tree.

One only needs to surrender to become situated in the real tree.
The supreme personality of godhead is from where everything has emanated. As soon as one surrenders to Krishna one becomes detached from material automatically.

Free from false prestige, illusion &false association who understand the eternal, are done with material lust, free from dualities of happiness and distress, unbewildered – know how to surrender to Krishna and attain the eternal kingdom.

Surrendering process;

Do not be deluded by pride
(When one is free from the delusion caused by pride he can begin the process of surrender) – Pride is due to illusion.

Become attached to devotional service.
Devotional service is the only way to get out of the false representation of the real tree.

For as long as we are in material attachment we are capable of mistakes
Being one with Krishna one becomes infallible.
To let go is love
Particularly of mistakes
Seeing through illusions
Trusting in the truth above all
Before looking for anything else
Direct focus on love and growth
Over and above any judgement or anything else.

Devotional liberation is defined as reinstatement with his identity. After liberation; service is never stopped.
Actual liberation is getting free from the misconceptions of life. A devotee is inservice 24 hours a day.

Accept Krishna as the supreme saviour of all living entities.
Simply by surrendering to Krishna one is freed.
With faith and love surrender to him.

If we are all in truth light energy a part of the higher light of Krishna then all material reality is illusionary, momentary and gone- forgotten.

The centre point

Make sure you always come from the centre point where you see everything,
Ying and yang;
Go where there is nothing
Stay centred
Go to the midpoint , Not to either extreme

The way becomes as you are so stay centred
When you are centred nothing will bother you because you see it as it is,
With nothing added to it

In order to go the other way life will push you to the extreme- if you stay stuck in one way and never bend or flow you will remain there, never seeing the centre point.

Bend and flow

Always returning to the centre

Centering or self actualisation is achieved by swaying back and forth until one comes back to the centre.

The way is to intercept or stop extremes – to intercept the ego- using any method- to point to the centre; to the truth.

Wanting to control
Or moving to extremes
In the uncontrolled
Comes from fear
Be centred

The lesson of value

Why is it so often only when we lose something that we appreciate it’s real value, How can we begin to value things more before this point?

In my own experience I have come to realise how important some things are only when it was too late

Like life was somehow teaching me, here, look at what you already have;

Whether that be with money, friendships, support or even states of being,

And more than anything life teaches me how important gratitude is,
Perhaps this is why we need this duality in life, for without it how could we possibly know or appreciate those good things.

Additionally, this is why gratitude is so important, not only important but essential. In consistently practicing gratitude, we recognise the value here and now. Then not always needing the comparison.

Ultimately however it does come down to our choice of focus. We can see what we have or perceive what we don’t have and as part of nature what we consistently give energy to will increase.

Start with value;
Recognise all you are, all you already are, have done and are doing.

As beings of nature we naturally evolve. In keeping our focus on what we’re grateful for as well where we’re heading, then all will evolve in the right direction.

Most often where we are right now, we already have more than enough, and we always are of infinite value.

To truly value something
Is to be with it completely,
Giving every effort in that moment

With that;

The only answer,
Here and now
Can always be gratitude 💗

The way to freedom

How do we find true freedom?

This question is one that concerns me for all because it can often mean something different for everyone and then consciously or subconsciously that’s how we end up seeking it. The need or feeling to be free is like an innate drive within us, the great thing is however that it can be fulfilled far easier than we may realise.

So how?

Firstly it’s begins in our minds, this is where all freedom and focus starts, we can actually be in what may be perceived by others as a limiting situation and still feel very free.

So what is most important in our minds is how we are focusing and where it’s coming from;

For example- if our focus is coming from a past painful experience that we are wanting to move away from- this can actually limit us far more than free us. The reason being is that the very act of moving away from something already has a limit tied within it, because it’s linked to pain, although this can be a drive in some way, the fear and pain are still there.

Alternatively when moving towards freedom – you are driven by a cause and in addition having accepted or healed any pain left behind. So even though the pain may initially have drove you it is the cause that than enables you to seek and find the way to freedom both within and out.

Faith is also very important and is really a prerequisite to finding true inner freedom, for without it fear can still be the driver and therefore limiting the way forward.

If we look at some of the great examples, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Daisaku Ikeda they have all been driven by a great cause, that allowed them to achieve great outcomes and freedom not only for themselves but for many along with them.

We too can follow in their footsteps and have this type of true freedom creating beautiful waves along with us, when we base our lives on such a cause. 🙏


Reflections and New Beginnings

Looking back on 2015 I feel it’s been a journey of many inner transformations, some very challenging.

However from everything no matter how challenging can come positive, as long as we seek it and change it that way. I’ve developed on my spiritual path more than ever as my faith has truly deepened. Making this even more important was at a point earlier this year I almost gave up.

The most important lesson I learnt in this was to never look outside myself. I have to regularly remind myself of this but ultimately the one who is solely responsible for everything in my life in terms of how I shape it is me.

I achieved external goals too but ultimately and most powerfully I began to truly love myself as infinitely worthy and that we all are equally worthy just as we are.

Any goals I set now always come from here and therefore i know that by serving this truth and purpose I teach it too. Nothing we ever do or achieve makes us more or less valuable, we are always infinitely worthy and loved, therefore anything we do can and should be a joy and those things that come to us that are challenging can be turned around this way.

I wish you all an amazing 2016 with all the victories and joys you infinitely deserve. Thank you always for following and supporting me this year. Much love Miranda ❤

It’s all up to you

Not everything that happens can be positive, but it can always be shaped this way,
Not everyone who comes in to our life accepts us, but there is always a lesson to take,
Not everyone who comes in our life stays here but in our hearts they will always remain,

Life is full of changes
Some are bitter and some sweet,
In our hearts however a constancy will always stay,
In anything, anytime
Whatever you choose to take with you, Is your choice and yours alone

If you are love;
You always will be
Allow everything to serve you this way,
It’s all up to you;
Whatever you choose, simply allow it to be,
When coming from love; you are always free ❤
~ M. L Adams

Breaking barriers

The barriers of defence that we build are like swords that attack both ourselves and others.

Choose to see differently,
Choose to see the truth,
Choose in your vision,
Believe in your true self and that of others, no matter what happens

Then the light of the world will be yours and all you’ll see ❤

Seeing in advance


If everything is created
Then anything can be recreated,
And as so created,

It is then
That anything is possible,
As it is within, so it is without

Start with the truth,
Only in love

~ M. L Adams

Letting go of expectations


Along our life journey things can at times happen the way we don’t want them or expect them to.

Whether it be with relationships, work goals or any other area of life, not everything happens how we would like it to and sometimes it can be really tough.

So what do we do when this happens..?

Fight on? Resist?

Or allow our journey to take us where it may be guiding us, to any lessons we may need to learn or benefit from?

Our life journeys as I see are like flowing water, rising and falling, coming and going, and ultimately flowing. If we resist however, the flow then stops.

We may not always understand why something happens or we can even see it as wrong in some way, yet in resisting it we stay there longer. Stuck in not learning, until we finally let go.
Finally in letting go of any expectation in how it should be we are allowing ourselves to flow on our journey again.

When we fight what is however it can only take longer to move to where we want to be, it also stops us from living in the now. Everything on our journey has a purpose and meaning and can be directed towards achieving our ultimate goal. We only need to find the lesson and there is always one. Letting go of expectations allows us to do this.

In letting go of expectations and allowing ourselves to flow on our journey instead of holding on to how we think it should be, we then open ourselves up to far more possibility.

We can then set our path in line with our higher energy and allow ourselves to receive more of what is available to us, far more than may ever be perceived through our own preset expectations.

Here for a reason

Everything can happen for a reason;
Stay open to possibility,
Simply be right here in your flow

You will always find a reason;
All can help you reach your goal
Simply stay in line with purpose
Then you can never really fail

Your path is set for higher purpose
Simply trust in the way to go
Everything is here for a reason,
Trust you will always be guided well ❤

~ M. L Adams