Daily Dedication

Starting the day with daily dedication in the form of prayer and meditation is something I’ve come to find essential.

As a a regular practice and focus it helps to rise above both the difficulties and the trivialities of life.

Starting the day first thing in a focused way also helps to set the mind and intention and subsequently the course of the day.

This feeds in to all you do and all you can become as you set your heart on to. This is how important a daily dedication can be.

What do you choose to dedicate yourself to everyday..?

How you start the day is how you set the day and what we choose to focus on we can become.

Focus everyday

With heartfelt prayers lovingly

Pure dedication πŸ’—πŸ™

~ M. L Adams

See Differently

How we see,
Is so often
Not what is,
Only an interpretation of it
However real it feels,
There are so many angles
Find one that works for you
Find a new way to view;
There’s a new perspective to choose,
That will change everything for you

~ M. L Adams

Great News

A Beautiful Calender for 2023!

Great news πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ™ some of my work is to be included in the earthpathways diary 2023.

Many beautiful features.

Look out for more upcoming info and how to purchase.

Thank you for all your continued support πŸ™


Compassion Matters

No matter how or why or who

Every person has a reason that to them is true

No matter how things seem to be

There are always other views

Whatever angle you come from

There are always others to be taken

Try not to take the first look

Or what you have been told to think

Try a different way to see what is,

You may just see a much wider view

Something more expansive than before,

When you choose to look more deeply;

To see in to the heart of who you are with

Open your heart to see what is

Without anything preconceived

Allow your compassion to be overflowing,

This will not only change your life but others too

Change your heart to help change the world;

Strive everyday to allow compassion to arise πŸŒΈπŸ™πŸ’—

~ M.L Adams