Turn it around

Don’t give up on life

Or allow it to get you down

Everything that happens,

Is here to serve you somehow

No matter how it may seem,

In any betrayl or deceit

There is always a point where you’ll win,

Where you will rise and be free

Use this time to build you up,

To recover what was took,

To focus your own mind

On all your joy; on all you seek

You deserve the best now

You worked so hard for it

Let go of all that no longer serves you;

Allow your truth to rise within

It is your life, your mind,

It is you that holds the key

You can turn this around,

No matter what; just believe

~ M. L Adams

The way

I found on this way
All I seek is here to stay
It’s all within me; here inside
Yet I was seeking it outside

All security, freedom and fun
I contain right here where I am,
When I see it in others, I see it in me
When I inspire others, they inspire me

This is a sure thing I know it’s true
I know as well as knowing can do
This true way lifts higher than before,
This place I seek to show in everyway

All I do from here on in;
Will be from this place of love
The way where no limits exist,
The way where all beautiful souls co-exist

~ M.L.Adams