Truth Seeing

I saw deeper with you
Through all the blurred lines that cover truth
I saw pure beauty in you
In all you are and all you do

Regardless of all surface matter
This truth has always been there
This pure beauty that lies open to be
In all that’s here , in all that exists

This pure beauty is now so clear
The greatest thing you ever gave to me
Now I see pure beauty everywhere
It’s all around me, in all that’s here

You opened my eyes to all that’s true
To all that’s here , in all that exists
There is no way I can really thank you
Just please know I’m forever grateful
For all you are, for all this truth,
For all I see now; because of you

~ M. L. Adams

3 thoughts on “Truth Seeing

  1. So rare for people to see so deep into someone, Beautiful..! thank you for following me 🙂

    1. Your welcome Andy, I know what you mean, the experience has made me see everything more deeply, as more meaningful and beautiful. Life changing.

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