It does not depend

It does not depend on another thing,

Whether to feel good, to feel bad,

Or to be as love


It does not depend on another being,

Whether to forgive or not;

It is a choice that lives solely in your heart


This is your freedom,

This is your choice;

To decide always how you will respond ♡

~ M.L Adams


More than ever


If I see obstacles,
I put them there
So I remove them,
I choose to see truth
To see freedom
I choose to be truth
To be freedom
I choose to inspire
To love,
In freedom
I am flow;
More than ever

~ M. L Adams

Mists before the sun


You are as you were created, and so is every living thing you look upon,
Regardless of the images you see
What you behold as sickness and pain
As weakness and as suffering and loss
Is but temptation to see yourself as defenceless and in hell
Yield not to this, and you will see all pain in every form wherever it occurs but disappear as mists before the sun


Faith Wins!


In the end,
Faith wins!
Faith will always win,
In how we are,
What we see
In all we do,
And how we choose to be,
Never give up,
Simply choose
What will it be,
Is it faith or is it fear?
Simply seen,
There is no contest,
It’s what’s within;
Faith will always win!
~ M. L Adams

A course in miracles

Today I have reached the end of a years learning with A Course in Miracles. It is the end but as with all endings it is also the beginning.

As I reach this point of learning I also recognise that it was more of an unlearning, of all that is not true, all that is not whole.

If I was to give you one main lesson I have taken from this course, it would be this; That you already are everything, already are whole, you are what you’ve been seeking. Yet along life’s journey we can get caught up in an illusion that covers our truth, one that can easily be cast aside in any moment.

In each moment we always have a choice, that is whether to see through illusions or come from our truth.

In that we can see ourselves as either powerless based on fear,
Or as the truth,
The known, the love we really are, all of us, as we were born as.
Being as creators and teachers in all we do.

We always have this choice. ❤

All is here
Only here is now
Only now is here
All is here
As one,
I am here,
As Love

~ M. L Adams

Love and peace to you💗

What you focus on

One to lift us up ❤

What you focus on

Whatever we choose to focus on;
Either pulls us or drains us,
Excites us or frightens us;
Enlivens or minimises us

The energy we then focus on,
Is what we reflect back,
So we’re either learning to move forwards,
Or being pushed back

The question then is, what do you focus on..?
Is it what you can do,
Or what you think you can’t?

The truth however is,
That you’re the one in charge,
You do have power,
You do have the chance

So whatever you choose to focus on,
Make it what you want,
Step up; reclaim your power
Choose to take it on!

~ M. L Adams