The Book

As a compilation of my poetry and the story behind them, I have recently published a book of my poems on kindle. The small  book of poetry is called The Journeys of life in Poetry

It is a book that represents my message contained throughout this blog, that life is a journey full of smaller journeys that can each have a powerful message within for our growth and transformation.

The book contains 50 poems in total on on ‘Life’s lessons, Truth and Purpose, Love and Beauty and Faith’. The intention of each piece is to inspire and encourage you for wherever you are currently at on your life journey, to always see the potential you have and the beauty that can be found from any situation.

This book would make a great personal gift for  yourself or a friend or family member, it is a book you can delve in to whenever you are in need of inspiration or encouragement. Please do treat yourself to a copy and share the love too. Here’s the link again for you;

The Journeys of Life; In Poetry

Much Love and Blessings, Miranda ❤

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