Nothing to Fear

There is nothing to fear
The opposite side of the one 
you hide behind,
Is always there
Just open your eyes,
Look and see
See the whole
All that is
See all there is to see,
Even in the darkness
The light is shining bright
Even at the lowest
There is the highest of heights
Embrace the wholeness;
There is no need to hide đź’—

~ M. L Adams



Believe in your truth

Never give up on your dreams,

No matter how difficult it may seem,

It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in you

Believe in you and your truth;

Then you are sure to find others who will do too

~ M.L. Adams

New Year Possibilities and Beginnings


Today has been an amazing new years day, looking forward to new goals and beginnings whilst continuing on projects over from last year too. I always love new year because of the energy everyone has with the potential of what we can be and become.

It brings alive the field of possibility in knowing that we can change habits we no longer need and become all we want to be, it’s often just maintaining this energy that can be the challenge.

That’s why I believe its so important to have this focus of what is possible consistently, to always be searching for new ideas and opportunities. To treat every day as if it is a new beginning just as we do at this time,  because really it is. Everyday and every moment is a new beginning and anything is possible when our view expands enough to see all that is available to us.

The only thing that ever limits us is ourselves and our view of what is possible for us to do and when we focus daily on something that we may not have perceived possible, who knows what opportunities will come our way. I was a little disappointed at the end of 2014 that I had not achieved all I would like to have done but at the same time I know I have learnt so much. For all that is important as part of my journey and I achieved and experienced things that I never could have planned.

Most importantly from 2014 I learnt;

  • To always, always trust my intuition
  • The value of true friendship
  • The art of allowing
  • The beauty of acceptance
  • New fields of possibility I never knew
  • That any perceived obstacle can always be transformed in to an opportunity
  • The importance of expressing my truth and passion even more

New learning as well as achievements are all part of our journey of growth and the beauty in life, we never can fully plan everything. We can however be sure that when we go with the flow towards our goals we will be heading in the right direction.

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is a perfect example of this, and in the end it is always about realising our potential and surprising ourselves with possibilities we never knew we could find.

I’m determined even more this year to be open to all new possibilities and opportunities whilst on the journey to achieving my goals which is why this year pubic speaking and any opportunities in this area will be a big part of my goal. Please watch this space for video uploads 🙂   I wish you all the best success and lots of wonderful opportunities on your journey this year too. Happy New Year to you 🙂 Lets make this year amazing.

There is no end, only beginnings,

Every moment, is a new beginning

~ M. L Adams


There are times in life so amazing
So amazing they feel untrue
Yet they are real, really real
There right in front of you

These times are treasures to behold
Of gifts in life that do unfold,
When you held on there for so long
Trusting this time would come for you

Then this feeling of amazement;
Hard to believe it, is it real
You held on there for so long,
Holding, hoping, never knowing

Now it’s here, it’s really here
Such amazement, it’s really here
A state of wonder, a state of beauty
Thank you so much for this moment right here

It’s really possible, its really real
Hold on always in strong faith
Your dream it can really come true,
Your moment will come;
This much I know now is so true

~ M.L.Adams


There is always a choice

Of how to be and how to feel

Sometimes it feels wrong,

That you don’t know what will come

That your subject to outside

But what really matters at this time

Is how you choose to focus now

Its up to you how you take this situation

Its up to you what you do with this time

Really what matters now is you

What you have and what you can do

How you feel and what you choose

Never forget who you really are

You are never subject to outside

You are the one with the choice

Of which way to go in your life

You are the chooser of the way

Of the path that your life can now take

~ M.L.Adams