It’s up to me

It’s up to me what I listen to
It’s up to me what I focus on,
It’s up to me what I choose to do,
There’s no one else to pass the blame
To say I can’t
To take the action
It’s up to me in all I do
To always learn
To make the right cause
It’s no one else
The cause is mine
So I choose right here to make it true
To always believe
To make it through ‚̧
~ M. L Adams

All we ever have is now


We all have goals and may project them in to the future of how we would like things to be, ourselves or our circumstance.

Goals and dreams are great and drive us forward.

Yet our power only ever exists in the now

So the question is, in the now what can we do, to be that self we see or difference we want to make? What can we do to be that now and how may it already be here?

All we ever have is now ūüíó

~ M. L Adams

Trusting in your Intutition

Trusting in our intuition is something we often hear of and how important and useful it is for successful results. The challenge I often found was how do we know what is our intuition or what instead is fear of the unknown.

This has been a journey of realisation for me and I have found one of the most important things is to recognise your intuition (being within you)  is very personal to you and your experience in how you learn to follow it.

With me it has taken me several times in ignoring it and then realising that I would have been better having followed it to realise the truth within. Since having learnt to follow it more things in my life are flowing far easier in the direction I want to go, not only that but I feel happier and  more at ease  in myself.

Following our intuition more often than not seems to involve going against what may appear the sensible thing and sometimes the thing we want to do, and in following it there can be some fear due to the unknown beyond it. Yet if we never step in to the unknown we may never experience anything other than where we have already been, we may never be able to experience that which we are seeking or create new possibilities and achieve our dreams.

If this is something you can relate to then from my experience I would say always trust your intuition, whenever I¬†have not listened to my intuition it has only led me in to pain or struggle. Your heart¬†always knows and¬†it can very much be a head vs heart thing¬†where it can take a while to learn to trust in your heart over your head and it does take courage,¬†but I¬† know I will now always be drawn to do so and I¬† hope so for you too. ‚̧

In my words I would term it like this;

Follow your heart, it leads you to the unknown, where there are gifts you would never otherwise know.

Or as the great Steve Jobs said;

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.

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Sunday thought- the choices we make


If we know we have achieved something once and therefore we have the ability within us. If we have come from a certain empowering mindset before that made a real difference to ourselves and others, then why not consciously choose this each day and more.

Too often we can forget our cause or what were really capable of when we try and the even greater thing is, there’s this and far more.
Remembering our cause and the difference we want to make is just the beginning, what if we choose to always come from this place. What difference can we then make?

To always know everyday you give your highest and your best, to make the most difference for the highest good of yourself and others. What if we make this choice in each and every moment, every day ?

New Year Possibilities and Beginnings


Today has been an amazing new years day, looking forward to new goals and beginnings whilst continuing on projects over from last year too. I always love new year because of the energy everyone has with the potential of what we can be and become.

It brings alive the field of possibility in knowing that we can change habits we no longer need and become all we want to be, it’s often just maintaining this energy that¬†can be¬†the challenge.

That’s why¬†I believe¬†its so important to have this focus of what is possible consistently, to always be searching for new ideas and opportunities. To treat every day as if it is a new beginning just as we do at this time,¬†¬†because really it is. Everyday and every moment is a new beginning and anything is possible when our view expands enough to see all that is available to us.

The only thing that ever limits us is ourselves and our view of what is possible for us to do and when we focus daily on something that we may not have perceived possible, who knows what opportunities will come our way. I was a little disappointed at the end of 2014 that I had not achieved all I would like to have done but at the same time I know I have learnt so much. For all that is important as part of my journey and I achieved and experienced things that I never could have planned.

Most importantly from 2014 I learnt;

  • To always, always trust my intuition
  • The value of true¬†friendship
  • The art of allowing
  • The beauty of acceptance
  • New fields of possibility I never knew
  • That any perceived¬†obstacle can always be transformed in to an opportunity
  • The importance of expressing my truth and passion even more

New learning as well as achievements are all part of our journey of growth and the beauty in life, we never can fully plan everything. We can however be sure that when we go with the flow towards our goals we will be heading in the right direction.

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is a perfect example of this, and in the end it is always about realising our potential and surprising ourselves with possibilities we never knew we could find.

I’m determined even more this year to be open to all new possibilities and opportunities whilst on the journey to achieving my goals which is why this year pubic speaking and any opportunities in this area will be a big part of my goal. Please watch this space for video uploads ūüôā¬†¬†¬†I wish you all the best success and lots of wonderful opportunities on your journey this year too. Happy New Year to you¬†ūüôā Lets make this year¬†amazing.

There is no end, only beginnings,

Every moment, is a new beginning

~ M. L Adams

The Ability to Transform Anything


There is always something we can learn from any situation, however tough it might be, in fact the tougher it is¬†the more¬†I believe we can learn and transform from it. As long as we’re open to¬†all there is to learn the gifts then have the¬†potential to¬†be endless. This year has been a particularly challenging one for me personally, however I know always that everything can be turned around and that every difficulty has an equally, if not greater benefit.

Sometimes things happen that are entirely out of our control or at least at first, things that go entirely against what we have planned or expected, however we always have a choice in how to respond. This  I believe to be the greatest power we have, the ability to choose, to choose what we will focus on, on what we can do, on the difference we can make; this is what enables us to transform anything.

Any of you who has been through a difficult situation and allowed it to strengthen you instead of weaken you will know and understand this power that you have. At first in any situation it is natural to feel challenged, this is where we then have the choice to change our perception and this is where we can take our power back and transform the situation.

Whatever happens in our environment or from others towards us, may not be of our choosing but our response, when we are conscious of it, always is. As long as we remember to use this knowledge when and wherever possible, we will have the power to overcome anything and turn what was difficult in to something beautiful. The following poem is written from this purpose;


Every difficulty can be an opportunity,

Every struggle can be a strength,

It is what you choose to focus on

That will really get you through anything

To a place where you thought you would never be,

To a place where your more than you’ve ever been

~ M. L Adams

Much of my poetry is written from this belief of the possibility to transform any situation in to something positive no matter what happens. This is  a knowing I have had for as long as I can remember and one that has strengthened throughout my Buddhist practice over the last 7 years.

No matter how dark or difficult something may seem it will always hold within it something really powerful for your life. Seek to turn it around, to transform the situation and you can only become far wiser and stronger from it. ‚̧

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All within

Sometimes you feel let down then you realise it was yourself

For nothing can be sought without first doing it within yourself

Nothing can be found without first the feeling have been found

That’s what the actions we take really demonstrate

For the outside is only a mirror of the inner causes in life that  we make

~ Miranda. L. Adams

Living at the Cause


What does it mean to live at the cause? This¬†is something of a realisation that came recently when I discovered¬†that I had become¬†somewhat increasingly¬†focused on the level of effect in my life rather than cause. The gap in perspective of both cause and effect can in reality¬†seem so small¬†but at the same time it¬†is huge, cause and effect are in fact one, both created in a cyclical effect as much of¬†energy is. The main difference between them¬†is where your focus is,whether¬†it exists¬†in the present or¬†in the future, if it is in the past you are also focused on effect.¬†That’s all it is, a¬†change in perception,¬† but that small change in perception can create massive differences for¬†ourselves and others.

If you are an ambitious or success driven person as many of us are then it is easy to become absorbed in the level of effect and therefore push and stretch yourself in the now to achieve where it is you want to be. This may seem perfectly fine but it is this space where fear, stress and worry often exist. At the cause all that exists is peace and intention, intention may be there but once focused on it is let go of and the process is then in faith. To hold on to it is to force or control and therefore mistrust in yourself and the process and to then be out of alignment with the present moment.

Although this  sounds deep, it is in fact a paradox because it is very simple when we see it in the now , all that exists in the now is already here and available to us we only have to set our intention and choose to focus on it. We do not hold on to the future because it is not here yet and where we exist is in the now solely and completely. Only we choose where our focus goes and on which part of life we choose to allow it to, this is then what we experience.

The act of taking responsibility is another sole part of living at the cause because we are then choosing to live with complete awareness that ‘I am living in the now and choosing which actions to take based on my intentions and my purpose, not with the past or the future’. You are the sole creator of your life and by living at the cause you are choosing to accept and acknowledge the power that exists within your life to live in this way. By looking to others to create our lives or blaming in anyway we are giving this power away, not just the power of where we are now but the power that exists within us to create positive change.

The alternative looks more like this , ‘if I am living at the effect I am relating to my environment as a separate entity to myself therefore I am reliant on it to provide me with what I need and¬†also¬†from others. I am looking at what am I receiving, what exists in my life , what will I get for all this I am doing.’ It may appear logical to think in this way but this is a discord as there I would ultimately be mistrusting the process and myself as a¬†creator existing in the here and now. I would be¬†distrusting the process therefore creating discord between my focus/intention and the effect.

It is probably fair to suggest that many of us live at both levels and perhaps more often¬†at the level of effect, focusing on where we want to go, where we want to be, what we need or don’t have thus creating much of the stress within¬†and competition in society. It is also clear to see those who live solely at the level of cause and who are therefore in the present moment, fully aware of the energy of creation that exists within them, some clear examples would be Gandhi, The¬†Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. In fact any of the outstanding characters you can think of that have made or are making a huge difference in the world are doing this¬†and have done this because they are living with the full awareness of their creational energy and they are living at the cause with their intention and full faith in themselves and the environment as one.

Ultimately living at the cause¬†is where I desire to be in the now with the intention to make a positive difference to as many people as possible and after the realisation of how it is to become¬†focused at the effect and how disempowering this state of living can be, I encourage you all to¬†choose to live at the cause¬†of your own lives and realise what amazing creators you really are if you don’t do this already. In every moment consider am I reacting or creating.. what place am I coming from..what is the cause I wish to live by.

We are all creators and can choose how to benefit this world today and everyday to make a real difference, we all can do this in our own unique way, we all have gifts to give. If we choose to live at effect and ignore who we are and what we can do now then we distrust in ourselves and the process therefore giving our power away. Which do you choose?

Where focus goes energy flows ~ Tony Robbins