Taking Risks

There are always risks;
You share you might get rejected,
You open up you might get dismissed
You let go, you might let the darkness in;

But whats the alternative,
A life closed off
Scared and in hurt,
Vulnerable like a tiny little bird

Yet with every opening
You build your courage from within
Growing stronger with every single beat,
Until you are ready to expand your wings Fully let go; step off that ledge and fly ❤

~ M.L Adams

Finding Meaning

To find real meaning in life
Is to accept death in life,
To befriend the impermanence of all that is,
To release the entire bodymind in to emptiness with each exhalation.
To yield unconditionally to death on each exhalation, is to be reborn and regenerated with each inhalation.
On the other hand to recoil from the death and impermanence of each moment is to recoil from the life of each moment; since the two are one and the same.

– Ken Wilber


We keep someone alive by how we remember them,
In how they live through us
We are to flow with life
Never to stop or hold on,
Only to let go,
To be;
Always here with life,
Always known 💕

~ M. L Adams


All I know is I surrender
I surrender to the truth that I know
For all that’s in the world of fear and control,
Is nothing that I want to know
I want none of it any longer
None of those frightful dreams, I let go of all as it’s ever been
To surrender to the truth as I know,
It’s here that lies true freedom
Beyond all those illusional folds
Where nothing other than love is,
Where we’re forever flying above 💗

~ M. L Adams