Inner light

Do you fight so much
So often
That you forget who you really are,
Do you seek so much
So often
That you forget the light that you are
For all the fighting and seeking
Is for your own true heart
There is no fighting or seeking
You have all you were ever looking for
There is no past nor future
All is here right now
Right here; so deeply
As the light in your heart
Remember, remember
I see you; I am here πŸ’›πŸ™

~ M. L Adams

Compassion Matters

No matter how or why or who

Every person has a reason that to them is true

No matter how things seem to be

There are always other views

Whatever angle you come from

There are always others to be taken

Try not to take the first look

Or what you have been told to think

Try a different way to see what is,

You may just see a much wider view

Something more expansive than before,

When you choose to look more deeply;

To see in to the heart of who you are with

Open your heart to see what is

Without anything preconceived

Allow your compassion to be overflowing,

This will not only change your life but others too

Change your heart to help change the world;

Strive everyday to allow compassion to arise πŸŒΈπŸ™πŸ’—

~ M.L Adams