Love and Truth

That which we love is an expression of the truth within ourselves,

That which we hate is a reflection of the lies we tell ourselves,

For all are one connected and true;

Anything different hurts the deepest part of ourselves,

It is not you and I,

It is us and we

Together as one;

Only then are we truly free ♡

~ M.L Adams


Jkd is nothing
It’s a being
A process
That lies in the space in between
Therefore it can not be seen or described
Because it is in fact a liberation
It’s a pairing of opposites-
In order to find the centre
The space
That which exists in between everything;
That is everything
And therefore it is nothing
It is not a system, yet it is
A style that is not a style
Don’t get hung up on it
It’s one with everything
This is how it liberates
And why the teacher is only the pointer

~ M. L Adams



If you’re resisting something
Or someone else
Then you’re resisting yourself
Here as you are,
Where you are,
Right now

If you do find this so,
Then simply let go
Set yourself free;
Come back to your flow

~ M. L Adams

Trusting in your Intutition

Trusting in our intuition is something we often hear of and how important and useful it is for successful results. The challenge I often found was how do we know what is our intuition or what instead is fear of the unknown.

This has been a journey of realisation for me and I have found one of the most important things is to recognise your intuition (being within you)  is very personal to you and your experience in how you learn to follow it.

With me it has taken me several times in ignoring it and then realising that I would have been better having followed it to realise the truth within. Since having learnt to follow it more things in my life are flowing far easier in the direction I want to go, not only that but I feel happier and  more at ease  in myself.

Following our intuition more often than not seems to involve going against what may appear the sensible thing and sometimes the thing we want to do, and in following it there can be some fear due to the unknown beyond it. Yet if we never step in to the unknown we may never experience anything other than where we have already been, we may never be able to experience that which we are seeking or create new possibilities and achieve our dreams.

If this is something you can relate to then from my experience I would say always trust your intuition, whenever I have not listened to my intuition it has only led me in to pain or struggle. Your heart always knows and it can very much be a head vs heart thing where it can take a while to learn to trust in your heart over your head and it does take courage, but I  know I will now always be drawn to do so and I  hope so for you too. ❤

In my words I would term it like this;

Follow your heart, it leads you to the unknown, where there are gifts you would never otherwise know.

Or as the great Steve Jobs said;

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.

From my recent experience I also put a video up on YouTube please check it out below and subscribe too if you enjoy 🙂 , thank you  ❤

The Power of Kindness


How much of an effect can we really have?

I have always believed quiet strongly in the power of kindness but I must admit that recently I had become quiet disheartened about the level of effect this can really have and feeling despondent about the lack of response in my own efforts with others. I quickly then found myself being sucked in by negativity around me and the building up of it, no matter how I tried to change my focus this seemed to be taking over in all directions.

I found that when we feel powerless to change something this is when its hardest not to be taken over by the negativity, especially when its something that really matters to us. The war happening between Israel and Gaza at the moment is a perfect example. The sadness associated with it is something many of us are feeling right now and the question is, can we really do anything to help..?

In a world where we have many quick responses, it is something I think we have become accustomed to look for, yet the small actions we take can sometimes take years to have a full effect. Many of us want to help now and to make a big difference but I have realised that whatever little we can do and whatever ripples we can make is better than no ripple at all.

I have learnt through being on the receiving end of deep kindness, that the power it can have to completely change an outlook is one that can take someone that is ready to give up to someone that will do whatever it takes to continue.

It can be easy to get caught up in our own world and think we cant make a difference, but we do. That one smile, or one kind word or one pound donation can make the world of difference and I have rekindled my belief that the power of kindness is not limited at all, nor by any distance.

By knowing this and taking small actions to make a difference in anyway we can, each act create ripples that could continue way beyond us and even if we do not know about it we can be sure that a difference is made.

We only have to remember how those who have showed real kindness to ourselves and those we know have made a difference to us. It is not always about what we see, it’s sometimes the effect we do not see.

It also becomes not just about the effect but about the cause that re-awakens within us. Kindness in itself seems to act like a shield creating more joy for ourselves and those around us, the more kind acts we make the more effect we have, even when we do not see it.

I for one intend to use this shield of kindness far more and im eternally grateful to those who have shown great kindness to me when I needed it most. We all need kindness and to never forget to always be kind to yourself too.

Never forget this power you have within you
It costs nothing, yet creates something
 Something so Powerful, So Transformative, Something far more than the eyes can see

This power that exists within you 
Will transform the world, one at a time
 This power that is within you is so limitless,
Limitless to all those you reach every time

Believe you make a difference, That you really do,
Each little kind gesture,
Means all the world to those you reach out to

Creativity – Our Calling

I know that many of you will appreciate this so much so I wanted to share it with you,

I have until now been largely keeping my creativity and profession as a health coach separate from each other. Then after a coaching session with amazing poet and speaker George Hardwick yesterday I have realised that it is absolutely essential to bring my whole self together in what I do.

It is too often believed that we can not make something of our creativity or that we must separate the different parts of our lives, but this is no longer so. Now is really the time that we can be our whole true selves and we can bring the most value to others in doing so.

So I see this as my mission from here forward, to be my whole self in all I do, in giving and creating from the heart.
Please let me know your own thoughts on this too and check out George’s TED Talk video below, it is truly inspiring and thought provoking.

Thank you

Miranda ❤

It’s all a gift

It’s all a gift;
The good and bad,
The light and the dark
The trials and the struggles,
The victories and the joyful moments

It’s all a gift,
When you see it as this,
You’ll always make the most of it

Find the joy within each,
Each struggle will then have a victory
Each difficulty will have joy to seek
Each trial will have a winning end
When you seek the gift in everything

~ M. L. Adams