Learning is life

We get so many things wrong

Before we get it right

Life is a process

Never a fight

Cycles of learning

Growing and seeing

Always renewing

With every season

Finding your way on the cycle of life

In every moment,

As a process of being 

~ M.L Adams

Living at the Cause


I’m re- posting this as it was around this time last year and it serves as powerful a reminder right now of the importance of personal power, one of intentionally creating in each moment, every single day.

We all have far more power over our lives than we sometimes realise, it’s just a matter of choosing where our focus goes. A daily practice however always.

Much Love,


Living at the Cause.


Purpose is focus,
All else is secondary
I will learn who to trust,
Who will come and who will go
In what is right, here and now,
From the depths of my soul,
Then all else will fall away;
Until I reach my ultimate goal

~ M.L.Adams


Recognise what’s in your life

See what’s there in front of your eyes

The things that really matter,

They’re already there

Within your heart, within your life

What really counts, it’s already there

Focus on those people who are there for you

The ones who make the time for you

The ones who will not lie to you

Who share and care and cry with you

Who build you up when you are down

Who forgive you when you need them to

Who see who you really are in every way

This is what really matters each and every day

~ M.L. Adams

For all those who take the time and are always there no matter what. What really matters is already here, when we are too busy seeking more, this we can easily forget. Our time is the most valuable thing and all we ever really have is now, I seek to treasure these moments now, the ones that really matter.

Miranda ❤

The Space

There’s this space beneath the lines

Where all expands and comes alive

Where all is one, yet somehow lost

The space is open far and wide,

There are no boundaries, there are no guides

It falls before you and you decide

To take the journey or to run away,

To stay the way or continue to wait

The space is open, the space is clear,

To fall again or to stay away

~ M.L. Adams


True victory

Those who judge solely on the surface
Those who never look deep
They never see that which you see;
Or in those who see this way too

Those who live solely on the surface
Only see materialistic feats
They don’t see the battles that matter
The ones that are fought so hard from within

Those that do see this way know too
That true victory is won from the soul
The victory that gives the strength of a lion
The ones that show all beauty as it is

Those who choose to only see the surface
Also choose to never ever know
That the victory that lies beneath the surface
Is the victory that is pure gold

~ M.L.Adams

New Beginnings

New beginning

So many changes, so many lives

Always beginning and ending like day and night

How do I approach each time and each one

With a fresh new mind like I’ve just begun

Letting go of the old and in with the new

With no expectations or just maybe a few

Each experience brings new learning and insight

If I just listen to my heart then I know It’ll be alright

Each new time brings new love and light

There is no need to fight because each time leads to something right.

And so I will choose to lead a life that will shine forever bright.

~ M.L.Adams