In all everything

In all everything ,
There’s the good, the bad; the in between
In all everything
There’s the light, the darkness; the grey zone
In all everything,
Exists you, exists me; the known and unknown,
For all, everything;
Is one whole
Nothing more,
Nothing less
Just one whole

~ M. L Adams

Being real

It’s not so much the content
It’s the structure
The form
Where does it come from
The expression;
What’s real
Behind the meaning;
Look beyond,
Right here
It’s there you are;
It’s there it is ๐Ÿ’—

~ M. L Adams

A seeker of truth

A seeker of truth
Looks beyond the apparent and contemplates the hidden
What the senses perceive is only a distortion
We all look for something that is not yet in existence
Beggars look for coins,
Shopkeepers look for profit
Farmers for harvest
Pupils for knowledge
And seekers for enlightenment,
Non existence is the treasure house of God in the process of becoming manifest

~ Rumi