Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

In trying to be perfect we only fail ourselves,

For we forget to realise,

That it’s in our simple imperfectness;

We’re perfect just as we are

It’s when¬†we begin to stop questioning;

Accepting all as it is,

Where all is whole and one;

All becomes perfect ‚̧

~ M. L Adams

Beyond Position

There’s no¬†right or wrong, Only positions,

Where there’s¬†a choice¬†beyond this; Aim higher above,

In transcendence, non- attachment, With purpose in compassion

Coming from love, beauty, understanding

Seeing all as one; only in love

~ M.L Adams

Trusting in your Intutition

Trusting in our intuition is something we often hear of and how important and useful it is for successful results. The challenge I often found was how do we know what is our intuition or what instead is fear of the unknown.

This has been a journey of realisation for me and I have found one of the most important things is to recognise your intuition (being within you)  is very personal to you and your experience in how you learn to follow it.

With me it has taken me several times in ignoring it and then realising that I would have been better having followed it to realise the truth within. Since having learnt to follow it more things in my life are flowing far easier in the direction I want to go, not only that but I feel happier and  more at ease  in myself.

Following our intuition more often than not seems to involve going against what may appear the sensible thing and sometimes the thing we want to do, and in following it there can be some fear due to the unknown beyond it. Yet if we never step in to the unknown we may never experience anything other than where we have already been, we may never be able to experience that which we are seeking or create new possibilities and achieve our dreams.

If this is something you can relate to then from my experience I would say always trust your intuition, whenever I¬†have not listened to my intuition it has only led me in to pain or struggle. Your heart¬†always knows and¬†it can very much be a head vs heart thing¬†where it can take a while to learn to trust in your heart over your head and it does take courage,¬†but I¬† know I will now always be drawn to do so and I¬† hope so for you too. ‚̧

In my words I would term it like this;

Follow your heart, it leads you to the unknown, where there are gifts you would never otherwise know.

Or as the great Steve Jobs said;

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.

From my recent experience I also put a video up on YouTube please check it out below and subscribe too if you enjoy ūüôā , thank you¬† ‚̧

Soul journey letters- How do I know the right choice..?

After watching a great webinar by George Hardwick yesterday on becoming more in touch with our soul, true purpose and how we can do this through asking a question then allowing the answers to flow. I decided to give it a go and here’s my first one;

Q: How do I know the right choice?

You are born to be here, to be well, to show others all that is possible and all you can do. You are never here to struggle or to go where you do not want to go.

You are here to flow and this is always your goal, whatever brings flow through you, be there and so you can show all that is possible and all you can overcome. How well and how amazing you can be just through being you just as you are meant to be.

Let go of any need to please or conform and trust completely in who you are now; this is who you are now. If you continue to follow your flow I can promise you, you will be inspired and continue to inspire others, you will find and have all you need, all will be well, all is well, just trust and flow.

Connect with all your being and connect with all your rhythym, this is who you are. To connect that’s your goal; so to then be there for others. Keep going on the road less travelled, your surrounded by true souls, trust and let go, you know what to do , just trust, let go.

To live in gratitude is the way then all flows as can be, look around you, see the beauty, this is how we flow. Through being, in gratitude, in love, through flowing ,trusting, through letting go.

Breath and allow – always breath and let go , give in to this and you will always know. Know that you are loved and protected always.

Love, your soul

Live for the Journey ‚̧

To view the recording by George on you tube go to

Enjoy, it is well worth a watch. ūüôā

What Really Matters..?

What really matters

What is important, what really matters? This is something that we all ask on some deeper level.The answer to which invariably comes when that which is important and really matters most has either gone from our lives or changed in some way.

When we think we may have lost something forever or when we do, we can come to realise the meaning and importance of what really matters. It¬†can sometimes take a loss of¬†this kind for us to realise the importance of something or someone in our lives, but it doesn’t have to.

What really matters and is important is slightly different for us all but one thing that can be guaranteed is that we all already have many of these things existing within our lives right now. Our health, the people in life that we love, the moments we have now, it is these gifts in life that really are precious and priceless.

Within our society today there is so much pressure to always be chasing something more and to have something better, as though we somehow require this or need it to be enough, but where does it stop?

Taking time everyday in our lives to really appreciate all we already have is something I now consider to be vital. The moments that are here right now are the most precious of all, the loved ones that are here, the opportunities we have to give and make a difference, this is what really matters.

We will¬†all experience loss at some level in our lives, but we don’t need to have this experience to realise how precious the moments we have right¬†now are.

All gifts exist here in the present moment, when we recognise each and everyone of them our lives are blissful everyday, there is no room for any depression or anxiety in this type of existence. Take a look around you today and notice all you already are and all you already have, this is what really matters.

With much peace and love,