Chill out

Chill out
Let go
Be there
All there
Just be
As you are

~ M. L Adams


Step up

Sometimes life gives you the biggest tests,
So you can step up and show what your made of;

So you can step up and show what your really worth,
How strong that fight in you really is

To achieve the victory you know you deserve,
So you can show the world you can and will win no matter what!!!

~ M.L Adams

It’s up to me

It’s up to me what I listen to
It’s up to me what I focus on,
It’s up to me what I choose to do,
There’s no one else to pass the blame
To say I can’t
To take the action
It’s up to me in all I do
To always learn
To make the right cause
It’s no one else
The cause is mine
So I choose right here to make it true
To always believe
To make it through ❤
~ M. L Adams

All we ever have is now


We all have goals and may project them in to the future of how we would like things to be, ourselves or our circumstance.

Goals and dreams are great and drive us forward.

Yet our power only ever exists in the now

So the question is, in the now what can we do, to be that self we see or difference we want to make? What can we do to be that now and how may it already be here?

All we ever have is now 💗

~ M. L Adams