It’s up to me

It’s up to me what I listen to
It’s up to me what I focus on,
It’s up to me what I choose to do,
There’s no one else to pass the blame
To say I can’t
To take the action
It’s up to me in all I do
To always learn
To make the right cause
It’s no one else
The cause is mine
So I choose right here to make it true
To always believe
To make it through ❤
~ M. L Adams

Why Wait

Life is so awesome and beautiful

All we need is here right now,

Yet we spend our lives waiting

Waiting… what for?

Why wait,

What is there to wait for?

Take action right here and now,

Life and energy exist right now

The only way to feel like doing it, is to just do it

To take action, to step in to your zone

Here is the place you’ll find the energy you need

Simply follow your passion and flow ❤

~ M. L Adams