Choose to believe

Some things are hard to see

Some things are hard to believe

Yet they are real as you and me

Some things take long  to make,

Some thing are hard to create

Yet they are only in the waiting

Always believe in your true dreams

Always believe you can be what you want to be;

All is possible even though hard to see,

If only you choose to believe 

~ M.L Adams

Keep going

However many times you get knocked down,

It’s up to you to always rise

However hard something gets,

It’s always your choice to turn it around 

No matter how much your faith is tested,

You can always rise stronger;

Always, always keep going

~ M. L Adams

You already made it

Too may fakers out there,

Telling us how were gonna make it

When all they want to do is break us

All the fakers are just takers telling you where to go,

Sending you round and round in to the next trap door,

So why not instead kick them in the makers!

Or  forever spend your time seeking and waiting

Forgetting where the treasure really was all the time;

It is and always was right there inside

So go ahead simply create your way,

You already made it;

There is nothing to find

~ M.L Adams

Step up

Sometimes life gives you the biggest tests,
So you can step up and show what your made of;

So you can step up and show what your really worth,
How strong that fight in you really is

To achieve the victory you know you deserve,
So you can show the world you can and will win no matter what!!!

~ M.L Adams

It’s up to me

It’s up to me what I listen to
It’s up to me what I focus on,
It’s up to me what I choose to do,
There’s no one else to pass the blame
To say I can’t
To take the action
It’s up to me in all I do
To always learn
To make the right cause
It’s no one else
The cause is mine
So I choose right here to make it true
To always believe
To make it through ❤
~ M. L Adams