Self Reliance


You don’t need someone to be strong for you;

You need to be strong for yourself,

You don’t need someone to believe in you;

You have to believe in yourself

You don’t need someone to tell you when to go;

You need know yourself;

Know yourself and what you can do,

What you can be, truly from within

Only then when you’re really there for yourself,

Can you be there for anyone else

Only then when you truly believe in yourself, 

Can you really be at your best đź’•

~ M. L Adams


Believe in your truth

Never give up on your dreams,

No matter how difficult it may seem,

It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in you

Believe in you and your truth;

Then you are sure to find others who will do too

~ M.L. Adams

Love and Abundance Affirmation

Affirmations and incantations can be extremely powerful in changing our state and beliefs when used with enough consistency and certainty.

This one I developed for the purpose of love and abundance, I hope you may find it useful too if you wish. ❤

Love and abundance

Thank you
I love you
I am enough,
You are enough
I have enough,
Thank you
I love you

Miranda ❤

Set Yourself Free


To wait on another is to give away your soul to another

To give over control to another is to pass away your faith to another

So take your control back, take your power back;

It’s the only way forward and there is no way back


Take action based on the best for all,

Not on where others may rise or fall

No matter how much it hurts, just do what is best

For there’s only one way forward and there’s no way back,


You have met with many a struggle before

Now you have the knowledge and you know this way forward

All is new and welcome in this place

All you have to do is choose this true way


Know what it’s like to be in that zone

To be all you can, with all that you know

To own your own life and not be owned by another

You have all you need within you you see; all that you need to now set you free


So choose this higher and equal way, choose the way you want to face

The choice is yours and yours alone

Don’t wait on another to show you this way

We are in control when we choose to be, so take that step now; it will set you free

~ M. L. Adams


There is always a choice

Of how to be and how to feel

Sometimes it feels wrong,

That you don’t know what will come

That your subject to outside

But what really matters at this time

Is how you choose to focus now

Its up to you how you take this situation

Its up to you what you do with this time

Really what matters now is you

What you have and what you can do

How you feel and what you choose

Never forget who you really are

You are never subject to outside

You are the one with the choice

Of which way to go in your life

You are the chooser of the way

Of the path that your life can now take

~ M.L.Adams

Be True to You

Trust in yourself , be true to what you know

In what is right for your life

On who you are and where to go

Listen within, trust and show that you know

In how far you can go and what it is you need to show

Open up your heart and world by listening from within

It’s from there where your life can really begin

It is there where the answers lie

Only there within

Looking outside your life will not lead you right

As others will only see you through their own eyes

Show to all what it is that you can really do

Do that which  is really right and really true for you

Only then will you really know how to bring to life

That which is your true power from within your own life

~ M.L.Adams