Find your way

Find your way

Find the truth on your path;

Each one of us has a different way

Its not for us judge or try to take another

Along with us on our way,

Its only us that can travel this path;

Though others may follow too,

The ones who will stay the full road

They are only a few

We may still want to hold on,

But some are just not meant to be

They come to our lives for a lesson,

A lesson we may no longer need

Keep travelling on, on your true path

There are many more missions to seek

Don’t let others try to stop you

There job is not to hold you there

But to travel along on their path;

Until you may meet again somewhere

~ M.L.Adams



There are times in life so amazing
So amazing they feel untrue
Yet they are real, really real
There right in front of you

These times are treasures to behold
Of gifts in life that do unfold,
When you held on there for so long
Trusting this time would come for you

Then this feeling of amazement;
Hard to believe it, is it real
You held on there for so long,
Holding, hoping, never knowing

Now it’s here, it’s really here
Such amazement, it’s really here
A state of wonder, a state of beauty
Thank you so much for this moment right here

It’s really possible, its really real
Hold on always in strong faith
Your dream it can really come true,
Your moment will come;
This much I know now is so true

~ M.L.Adams