Choose to believe

Some things are hard to see

Some things are hard to believe

Yet they are real as you and me

Some things take long  to make,

Some thing are hard to create

Yet they are only in the waiting

Always believe in your true dreams

Always believe you can be what you want to be;

All is possible even though hard to see,

If only you choose to believe 

~ M.L Adams

One with eternity

There are no more boundaries between us,
There never have been, nor will there ever be,

Now we see the truth in all that is,
That we are purely one;
We always have been

I am you and you are me
Forever here, we forever will be;
Here and one with all eternity

With no boundaries between us;
I can tell you; I simply love you,
I always have and I always will do ❤

~ M. L Adams

Seeing in advance


If everything is created
Then anything can be recreated,
And as so created,

It is then
That anything is possible,
As it is within, so it is without

Start with the truth,
Only in love

~ M. L Adams

Believe in your truth

Never give up on your dreams,

No matter how difficult it may seem,

It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in you

Believe in you and your truth;

Then you are sure to find others who will do too

~ M.L. Adams

The Unseen

All that’s taught beneath our sight,
All that’s true and yet unseen,
Is there to guide us and to teach
Trust in the truth of this world

 It’s always there to guide you well
At anytime you may need help;
Were never ever all alone
We are all connected beyond all known

This is the truth that’s of our world
That’s there to guide us all so well
All we have to do is listen,
In anytime we may need help

This is the truth of the unseen
The truth of life that we do not see
Protecting always with deep love and care
The truth of life that’s always there

Having faith in this truth always,
Will always guide you well,
Showing you the ways to go
Ways that only you know;
From the deepest depths of your soul

~ M.L.Adams

Believing in this part of ourselves, in our intuition, can be difficult when there is so much around us to tell us otherwise, or to tell us to listen to that which we see not that which we do not; that which exist within our hearts.

Learning to do this more I believe is itself a journey, one that we can be on until we trust in this part of ourselves completely without question.

This journey is one I’m on right now and I’m learning to trust in it more and more,  however scary at first it may be.
Im finding that there are many people who are also following this path and that this part of ourselves seems to already know what is right for our own life journey. Trust in the truth within 🙂