Now here

Complete within all
Starting all over again
Now here forever

~ M. L Adams


Content with what is

By letting things be
You become again whole
By letting things be
You let go;
All is healed,
All is well

Be content to leave;
everything as it is
To say it as it is
To be with what is;
Accepting all as it is

Nothing has to change
Yet will change of itself
Nothing has to grow,
Yet will grow of itself
Nothing has to let go
Yet will let go of itself;
Be content to be with what is 💕

~ M. L Adams

The Known Uknown

Expect the unexpected
We never know what may happen
Understand yourself
To understand anything else
We are always dancing
Coming together and apart
Learning in the process
The being
It’s all a flow
All one
Look at the whole
Not only one part
All answers lies in the being
Look here,
Look here
What’s in the being
All answers exist here;
Here in the known unknown 💗

~ M. L Adams