lake yoga

What matters is now,

Always be present,

There are no limits; let go,

Nothing matters more than now


Always learning,

Always growing

Finding your way;

Be still, Be moving 💕


~ M. L Adams

Teacup Sky


A teacup without emptiness

Is like a bird without sky

Caught up some where

With nowhere to fly

Lost in its ownness

Trying to get by

With nothing to trust in

No wind and no sky,

When a teacup has emptiness

The bird can again fly

Free in it’s trusting

In the oneness of it’s own flight ❤

~ M.L Adams


Jkd is nothing
It’s a being
A process
That lies in the space in between
Therefore it can not be seen or described
Because it is in fact a liberation
It’s a pairing of opposites-
In order to find the centre
The space
That which exists in between everything;
That is everything
And therefore it is nothing
It is not a system, yet it is
A style that is not a style
Don’t get hung up on it
It’s one with everything
This is how it liberates
And why the teacher is only the pointer

~ M. L Adams