lake yoga

What matters is now,

Always be present,

There are no limits; let go,

Nothing matters more than now


Always learning,

Always growing

Finding your way;

Be still, Be moving 💕


~ M. L Adams

Teacup Sky


A teacup without emptiness

Is like a bird without sky

Caught up some where

With nowhere to fly

Lost in its ownness

Trying to get by

With nothing to trust in

No wind and no sky,

When a teacup has emptiness

The bird can again fly

Free in it’s trusting

In the oneness of it’s own flight ❤

~ M.L Adams


Jkd is nothing
It’s a being
A process
That lies in the space in between
Therefore it can not be seen or described
Because it is in fact a liberation
It’s a pairing of opposites-
In order to find the centre
The space
That which exists in between everything;
That is everything
And therefore it is nothing
It is not a system, yet it is
A style that is not a style
Don’t get hung up on it
It’s one with everything
This is how it liberates
And why the teacher is only the pointer

~ M. L Adams

What would water do?

Thinking on some recent challenges and how to overcome them,
I thought of Bruce Lee’s words,

‘Be like water’

and came up with the following, on the way of least resistance. 💗

What would water do

What would water do,
It never holds or clings
It flows, it moves, it adapts,
Never resisting
Simply going with where it is
Always finding the way 💗

~ M. L Adams

Always Ahead


Always ahead,
In the space,
Never reacting,
Here as one,
Always ahead,
Here as being,
As stillness in action

– M. L Adams


To be driven with a fire inside of you,
To begin again,
No matter who or what tried to confine you,
To be driven knowing the truth inside of you
With your purpose and mission
This is a revival!
Nothing can ever stop you,
It’s all inside of you

To always find a way no matter what comes up for you,
This is the determination, that lies inside of you,
You’ve always had it,
Always within you
It’s in every action
Step forward now,
You can break any barrier,
Transform any obstacle!

~ M. L Adams

No limits

If you believe you can, you will
If you believe you can, you’ll see
If you believe you can and know you can,
Anything is possible

It’s always in your belief,
What do you believe is real,
What do you believe is possible.,
Then apply it with your will

Your limit is no limit;
Anything is possible
It’s only you that can get in the way,
So step in to that open space

You are unstoppable
You know this is the truth
So find a way and make it real;
Make all your dreams come true

Your time has come here now,
Your rhythm is so sound,
Feel it in your soul; know your flow,
There’s nothing else to find

Trust you’ll know the way,
Then find it you sure will
Believe you can, know you can,
You are the unstoppable you!

~ M. L Adams

Where are you looking?

Whatever we look for we will see,
So if we think we don’t have enough that is what we’ll see, and if we think we’ve more than enough that is what we’ll see.

This then effects our whole perception to one where we’re coming from a place of either seeing limitations and suffering or abundance and gratitude. And it really is that simple as in what are we looking for, we get to choose which we see.

Where are you looking

From close up,
Or far back
Can you see the whole,
Or just one part
Are you seeing here,
Or what is not
What do you choose,
To be near or far?
To be one with all,
Or what is not
For all is here,
It always was
If you choose one part
Then you close it off,
For all you see;
Is what you focus on 💗

~ M.L Adams