Keep Going

Keep going,
Moving forwards
There’s no reason to look back,
Keep your eyes focused forward
Let the fear dance by your side

It’s your victory that pulls you forward
The energy that drives you to go
Step it up and keep going
Your victory is high and nigh

Lets make it happen,
Keep going
You’ll be there in no time
Let your victory pull you forwards
Drive right past that winners line

~ M.L Adams

True victory

Those who judge solely on the surface
Those who never look deep
They never see that which you see;
Or in those who see this way too

Those who live solely on the surface
Only see materialistic feats
They don’t see the battles that matter
The ones that are fought so hard from within

Those that do see this way know too
That true victory is won from the soul
The victory that gives the strength of a lion
The ones that show all beauty as it is

Those who choose to only see the surface
Also choose to never ever know
That the victory that lies beneath the surface
Is the victory that is pure gold

~ M.L.Adams