Walk on..

There are many situations in life that may require us to walk on, some may mean we have to overcome it there and then and others may require us to walk away.

There is a difference between running away and walking on. To run away is fear, whereas to walk on is a position.‘ ~ M.L Adams

In any situation you try your best and then do what you have to do. Ultimately only you know what is right and best for you.

Wishing you the courage and determination needed in any situation today and onwards. Miranda πŸ™πŸ’—

Keep going

However many times you get knocked down,

It’s up to you to always rise

However hard something gets,

It’s always your choice to turn it aroundΒ 

No matter how much your faith is tested,

You can always rise stronger;

Always, always keep going β™‘

~ M. L Adams

Step up

Sometimes life gives you the biggest tests,
So you can step up and show what your made of;

So you can step up and show what your really worth,
How strong that fight in you really is

To achieve the victory you know you deserve,
So you can show the world you can and will win no matter what!!!

~ M.L Adams


I simply decide
How it will be
I am in charge,
Here completely free,
With no illusions ever to take hold;
I’m always free, pursuing every goal,
I simply decide,
What it will be
I make it happen
With every inch of me,
Going for the gold
With all that I ever hold,
I simply decide;
It is then my dream arrives πŸ™
~ M. L Adams

“Determination with Faith is the greatest power. We only need decide.”


To be driven with a fire inside of you,
To begin again,
No matter who or what tried to confine you,
To be driven knowing the truth inside of you
With your purpose and mission
This is a revival!
Nothing can ever stop you,
It’s all inside of you

To always find a way no matter what comes up for you,
This is the determination, that lies inside of you,
You’ve always had it,
Always within you
It’s in every action
Step forward now,
You can break any barrier,
Transform any obstacle!

~ M. L Adams

The fight within

You’ve beaten it,
You’ve beaten them
The fight outside,
Is the fight within;
Know then,
That if you so choose;
You will always win

~ M.L Adams ~

Determination rises


Around this time of year we are all eagerly pursuing our new year goals, and hopefully still going with them. πŸ™‚

If not it’s never too late to pick them back up again and the more we do this the stronger our determination can become.

Any knock back I believe is just there to make your resolve to achieve your goal stronger. Sometimes we are just tested to see if we really want something enough and if we give up too easy then we know that our why just isn’t strong enough.

Therefore knock-backs are only reason to reflect on our why and then make our reason even stronger and more powerful. Sometimes to also learn a different way to achieve our goal, but never to give up on it.

I really believe that if a goal is important enough we will achieve it no matter what. We just have to know the why, then the how and the when will come. Anytime I find myself slacking I just remind myself of this and that the journey is what always brings with it the greatest joys too. πŸ™‚

I hope you’re all enjoying the journey towards your goals so far this year. Please do share and comment on some of your own ways of staying inspired and determined towards your goals.

Here’s a little inspiration for your continued determination

Determination rises

Determination rises
It flows, it guides us
With vision firmly planted;
Knowing the way to go,
All you have to do is follow
Follow your passions;
Just flow
No fear can override it,
Your faith is too strong now
As determination rises
Feel your victory, it’s so close,
So close, you’re almost there;
Flowing in victory, just feel ❀

~ M.L Adams ~

Keep Going

Keep going,
Moving forwards
There’s no reason to look back,
Keep your eyes focused forward
Let the fear dance by your side

It’s your victory that pulls you forward
The energy that drives you to go
Step it up and keep going
Your victory is high and nigh

Lets make it happen,
Keep going
You’ll be there in no time
Let your victory pull you forwards
Drive right past that winners line

~ M.L Adams