You deserve 💗

You deserve all the best
Because you are
Because you breath
You have knowing in your heart
You deserve all the best
No matter what
Because you’re here
You are worthy,
You are love
No matter what you were told,
It was wrong
Simply breathe
Simply know,
The love you are
You deserve all this world has to offer
Know within
That’s the truth
Never give up 💗

~ M. L Adams

In abundance


I live in abundance,
Surrounded by beauty
Doing what I love
Here with beautiful people
Wherever I look,
Life is filled with beauty,
Truth and wisdom
What more could I ask for,
If I always have enough
Here and now where the truth is
There is always enough
Life is filled with beauty;
It’s here in abundance ❤

~ M. L Adams

Where are you looking?

Whatever we look for we will see,
So if we think we don’t have enough that is what we’ll see, and if we think we’ve more than enough that is what we’ll see.

This then effects our whole perception to one where we’re coming from a place of either seeing limitations and suffering or abundance and gratitude. And it really is that simple as in what are we looking for, we get to choose which we see.

Where are you looking

From close up,
Or far back
Can you see the whole,
Or just one part
Are you seeing here,
Or what is not
What do you choose,
To be near or far?
To be one with all,
Or what is not
For all is here,
It always was
If you choose one part
Then you close it off,
For all you see;
Is what you focus on 💗

~ M.L Adams

Accepting less

How many of us are accepting less?
Accepting far less than we really deserve,
Less than we know we really want,
Less than we know we’re really worth
In love, in life, in all the joys

Who does this serve?
Not us or anyone
Everyone loses when we forget our worthiness

The times gone by when we’ve accepted less,
When we knew we could have more but settled anyway,
When we knew it wasn’t right but struggled along

Well now is the time to say no more,
No more to this limited struggling way
No more to the people who treat you as lesser than they,

Know you are worthy, know you deserve
All the world has to offer, all your really worth

Why accept less, when you deserve so much more
The world is limitless,
Let your abundance flow forth

~ M.L.Adams

This one started as a question and ended up flowing in to a poem.
This often seems to happen now, it must be my mind in rhythm 🙂

It largely came from the past wknd where I attended a seminar in London called millionaire mind intensive. Here I really realised that on a fundamental level many of us are choosing a limited existence because of the limiting beliefs we unknowingly hold.

The best way to know if your doing this is to just look at the results in your life. This is not just for finances but for everything. Our thoughts, beliefs and our results are undeniably connected.

Yet it doesn’t have to remain in the way it has been, once we know these beliefs are false we can choose to let them go and choose a more empowering story. So let’s step up and consciously choose a better life, one we really deserve.