Of itself so

The writing writes itself,

The painting paints itself

It is of itself so,

The movement moves itself

The way water flows through a well,

It is of itself so,



Of itself so

There is nothing

There is something,

Of itself so ♡

~ M.L Adams



A Prayer for the All

 A prayer for the all

Moving through stages

To where all of life is always connected,

Seeing the all, in movement through stillness

Where the melody between all of the beats is created,

Where one to one is simply one

They all go together in interrelation,

All meeting here in this beautiful life

Springing from the ground;

Blooming in to appearance♡

~ M.L Adams


lake yoga

What matters is now,

Always be present,

There are no limits; let go,

Nothing matters more than now


Always learning,

Always growing

Finding your way;

Be still, Be moving 💕


~ M. L Adams