No limits

If you believe you can, you will
If you believe you can, you’ll see
If you believe you can and know you can,
Anything is possible

It’s always in your belief,
What do you believe is real,
What do you believe is possible.,
Then apply it with your will

Your limit is no limit;
Anything is possible
It’s only you that can get in the way,
So step in to that open space

You are unstoppable
You know this is the truth
So find a way and make it real;
Make all your dreams come true

Your time has come here now,
Your rhythm is so sound,
Feel it in your soul; know your flow,
There’s nothing else to find

Trust you’ll know the way,
Then find it you sure will
Believe you can, know you can,
You are the unstoppable you!

~ M. L Adams