You already made it

Too may fakers out there,

Telling us how were gonna make it

When all they want to do is break us

All the fakers are just takers telling you where to go,

Sending you round and round in to the next trap door,

So why not instead kick them in the makers!

Or  forever spend your time seeking and waiting

Forgetting where the treasure really was all the time;

It is and always was right there inside

So go ahead simply create your way,

You already made it;

There is nothing to find

~ M.L Adams

Self Reliance


You don’t need someone to be strong for you;

You need to be strong for yourself,

You don’t need someone to believe in you;

You have to believe in yourself

You don’t need someone to tell you when to go;

You need know yourself;

Know yourself and what you can do,

What you can be, truly from within

Only then when you’re really there for yourself,

Can you be there for anyone else

Only then when you truly believe in yourself, 

Can you really be at your best 💕

~ M. L Adams