Keep going

However many times you get knocked down,

It’s up to you to always rise

However hard something gets,

It’s always your choice to turn it around 

No matter how much your faith is tested,

You can always rise stronger;

Always, always keep going

~ M. L Adams

Self Reliance


You don’t need someone to be strong for you;

You need to be strong for yourself,

You don’t need someone to believe in you;

You have to believe in yourself

You don’t need someone to tell you when to go;

You need know yourself;

Know yourself and what you can do,

What you can be, truly from within

Only then when you’re really there for yourself,

Can you be there for anyone else

Only then when you truly believe in yourself, 

Can you really be at your best 💕

~ M. L Adams


There comes a time

There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it,
You surround yourself with people who make you laugh
Forget the bad and focus on the good,
Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t
Life is too short to be anything but happy
Falling down is a part of life,
Getting back up is living

– Jose Harris

This Love

The silly little things don’t matter anymore;
This love it will always conquer all
This love, it is my driving force
This love, It makes me unstoppable

This love gives meaning to everything
The power to overcome anything
The capability, the strongest drive
It will always pull me through to the other side

I know this is possible,
I know I can
I have done this before,
So I can do it again

~ M.L.Adams

This poem is actually about the love I have for my son and how it overshadows everything, in how he gives me the strength and drive to do and overcome anything for him.

The strength and beauty that comes from love is I believe stronger than anything and that this is why it gives us that courage to face things we wouldn’t otherwise. It is all that really matters.

Wishing you all a day full of love today ❤


strong tree

When times get tough, 

Know that your stronger than this

There is nothing that is stronger;

Just believe

The strength and spirit that lies within you,

There is nothing that is stronger than this

You will overcome it,

You will learn from it,

You will grow from it

Then the strength that lies within you;

Will be open for all to see

You are stronger than you think you are; 

Know it and all will see

You are stronger than you think you are;

You are like the strongest of trees

Taller and stronger than anything;

With roots you cant easily see

This problem that is before you, 

Is then nothing but a breeze

Believe in your truth and courage,

Believe you are stronger than this

Shine like the star you truly are;

Don’t be defeated by anything

~ M.L.Adams