A course in miracles

Today I have reached the end of a years learning with A Course in Miracles. It is the end but as with all endings it is also the beginning.

As I reach this point of learning I also recognise that it was more of an unlearning, of all that is not true, all that is not whole.

If I was to give you one main lesson I have taken from this course, it would be this; That you already are everything, already are whole, you are what you’ve been seeking. Yet along life’s journey we can get caught up in an illusion that covers our truth, one that can easily be cast aside in any moment.

In each moment we always have a choice, that is whether to see through illusions or come from our truth.

In that we can see ourselves as either powerless based on fear,
Or as the truth,
The known, the love we really are, all of us, as we were born as.
Being as creators and teachers in all we do.

We always have this choice. ❤

All is here
Only here is now
Only now is here
All is here
As one,
I am here,
As Love

~ M. L Adams

Love and peace to you💗

Finding Truth and Peace

A tree made in the shape of a heart at sunset.

With the recent Paris attacks as well as others around the world I felt the need to share this with the hope it may touch and help some, please do share if you find it helpful.

When events like this happen it makes all of us question, how can we find truth and peace? When Gandhi stated ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, there was so much wisdom in his words, because it always starts with us, always.

When we can move beyond our own divisions and see the truth in ourselves and others, this creates ripples throughout the world.

Truth is a word that’s often associated with right and wrong and sometimes used to create further division. Here I’m not speaking of this, instead I’m speaking of the truth that is and exists in everyone, in all of us and everything.

To look on a surface level when we live in a materialistic world can be easy to do and a natural default, however  we are far more than this. When we look beyond this surface to see the truth, we can see it in everyone.

There are no opposites, there is no division, it’s all made up. Beyond this illusion there is only love and its all there is, its our creative energy and it’s the truth of what we all are.

No matter what illusions may come about in the world of perceptions, opposites and divisions, this truth even though we can’t see it is the real power precisely because it’s all that is and just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Never lose faith in truth and peace,  there is always hope, its in the smallest things.

When  we connect to our true reality and more of us do so, all divisions and oppositions become meaningless and powerless. This may appear hard to do , yet it is only love that is our natural state and fear is illusion in this reality.

Fight only with love, we are all one. Let’s all choose truth and peace. May peace and love be with you and your loved ones today and everyday ❤

“Love is what we were born with,  fear is what we learned here” ~Marianne Williamson

The miracle of creation


I’ve been studying the course in miracles over the last few months and so far it’s been a really enlightening journey, a lot of my recent posts have come from this.

The following is my most recent reflections and I’ll be sharing more to come, I hope you find them useful and enjoy;

The miracle of creation

Everything is a miracle and one as part of creation,
Therefore the only appropriate response is gratitude.

To desire or strive out of a sense of fear, loss or lack is to see oneself as separate.

To struggle then is to be out of alignment with creation; which always unfolds in nature effortlessly.

Truth opens up and creates from the space of oneness; that is our truth and exists in allowing all to be as it is.

Unfolding moment by moment in accordance with all that is, our intention creates and grows as part of nature from within us.

There is no lack, this is only fear and all fear is illusion. Create only from a space of love, where all is real, one and forever unfolding. ❤


Notes on Course in Miracles (so far)

On day 82 ❤

Illusions only stay alive in my mind for as long as I allow

Anything based on fear/ separation is illusion

Everything and everyone is one, whole and perfect

Bless all who attack me, I teach what I choose to be

If I believe in rejection I am rejecting myself

I Know my perfection when I honour all those who are created like me- everyone

Every attack is a call for patience because they believe they’re deprived

I cannot lose anything unless I do not want it and therefore deprive myself from it

Ego is incapable of trust

Projection is seeing others doing what I am choosing

See love and abundance of god in me and will see it in everything and everyone

The ego is insane, undesirable and imperfect

Without projection there is no anger, without extension there can be no love

Every mind will either project or extend because that is how it lives

The ego seeks to provide conflict- projecting it from my mind to others- conflict cannot be projected because its not shared- Giving conflict or seeing it outside is keeping it. Conflict only comes from the illusion of seperateness.

Knowledge is nothing more than dissociation- the fear is because of forgetting- when what is dissociated is forgotten it then brings about a state of peace

Peace is the denial of illusion- a whole mind is not idolatrous as everything is whole – you always receive as much as you accept.

May believe I am afraid of nothingness but I’m really afraid of nothing- when I realise this I am healed- Place honour where it is due and I am healed.

Giving up fear is the path to peace- the alter of peace is within you- idols are false- worship only the truth in all- that is in everyone*

Whenever I see anyone without the spark/ truth, I am denying it within myself – attack is actually chosen- through denial of truth.

We are all creators and part of one creator- the only truth- therefore all one, acceptance of all- unconditional love, is the state of god – the only truth- the love of god is everywhere- healing is the acknowledgement of this truth- you are not sick and cannot die but can confuse self of this only through denial.

Listen and will wholly remember who you are- any denial of your truth is blasphemous

My creations are as real as his let all creations be made of love- arrogance is the denial of love- love is the only truth- accept only what is timeless as real.

Thought system of god; is light

Ego = projection

God = extension

Show the ego all of the light and realise its meaninglessness.

Where peace is, there is the truth and in there recognise the truth

Function- love,peace and happiness

The goal of truth requires faith- everyone involved will come of peace and is peace as a whole

Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation

Peace and faith will not come separately and both lie in each moment

I hope you find these useful ❤

Seeing in advance


If everything is created
Then anything can be recreated,
And as so created,

It is then
That anything is possible,
As it is within, so it is without

Start with the truth,
Only in love

~ M. L Adams

Where are your thoughts coming from?


Don’t become attached to the clouds, when you are in fact the whole sky, the clouds will pass.

How much of our thoughts are coming from fear and defensiveness and how much are coming from love?

Have you ever considered this question? Personally I have never really been so consciously aware of it as recently whilst studying a course in miracles.

It’s as though our minds are somehow trained in this way of thinking in fear/survival and separateness when in reality it’s the opposite. Even for those of us who know and believe in this, the tendencies to respond in fear or defensiveness can still be there.

The only way I can see in overcoming this on a larger scale is through more of us realising the truth underneath the illusion of separateness. When we know that everything starts from within, in that nothing we see outside has not already been perceived from within, then we have true freedom.

We always have a choice to come from our own truth, from love instead of fear. Change always starts with(in) us.
Miranda ❤