Reflections and New Beginnings

Looking back on 2015 I feel it’s been a journey of many inner transformations, some very challenging.

However from everything no matter how challenging can come positive, as long as we seek it and change it that way. I’ve developed on my spiritual path more than ever as my faith has truly deepened. Making this even more important was at a point earlier this year I almost gave up.

The most important lesson I learnt in this was to never look outside myself. I have to regularly remind myself of this but ultimately the one who is solely responsible for everything in my life in terms of how I shape it is me.

I achieved external goals too but ultimately and most powerfully I began to truly love myself as infinitely worthy and that we all are equally worthy just as we are.

Any goals I set now always come from here and therefore i know that by serving this truth and purpose I teach it too. Nothing we ever do or achieve makes us more or less valuable, we are always infinitely worthy and loved, therefore anything we do can and should be a joy and those things that come to us that are challenging can be turned around this way.

I wish you all an amazing 2016 with all the victories and joys you infinitely deserve. Thank you always for following and supporting me this year. Much love Miranda ā¤

It’s all up to you

Not everything that happens can be positive, but it can always be shaped this way,
Not everyone who comes in to our life accepts us, but there is always a lesson to take,
Not everyone who comes in our life stays here but in our hearts they will always remain,

Life is full of changes
Some are bitter and some sweet,
In our hearts however a constancy will always stay,
In anything, anytime
Whatever you choose to take with you, Is your choice and yours alone

If you are love;
You always will be
Allow everything to serve you this way,
It’s all up to you;
Whatever you choose, simply allow it to be,
When coming from love; you are always free ā¤
~ M. L Adams


  1. andy1076 says:

    Very true words, I often try to remind myself of the same important message, to focus on my shaping my life, hard granted but worth it šŸ™‚

    1. Absolutely Andy. Thank you. Wishing you a beautiful and very happy 2016 ā¤

      1. andy1076 says:

        A happy 2016 Miranda šŸ™‚

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