Even though we have different ways,
Different visions;
Different things to say
It doesnt make one more right than the other

Every individual has their own way,
Every individual deserves to have their say;
Stand up,
Share your vision;
Say what you have to say ♡

~ M. L Adams

World photography day

Happy world photography day to you all 💗

What I love about photography is how the beauty and love in a moment can be captured.

Whenever I capture a picture this is what comes through for me.

Here are some of my favourites from this year, I hope you enjoy them too.💗











Nature Photography – World Photography Day

As today is World photography day, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite photographs of nature that i’ve taken over the last year, some of which you may have seen on here before.

Nature photography is something I delved in to after beginning to see the real beauty within it. All of nature holds within it a pure beauty that exists within us all;

An art in itself, captured with ease

To share and hold, with all the beauty it brings

Painted sky
Painted sky

A path in the trees
A path in the trees

Seeing beyond
Seeing beyond

The illusion
The truth beyond illusion

The flow of the soul
The flow of the soul

Beauty on a motorway
Beauty on a motorway

Caught in the clouds
Caught in the clouds

Purest soul
Pure beauty

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do ❤ please let me know of your favourite too. Happy world photography day 🙂

Purest Soul


All open, all new
This beauty there in you
Your depth , your soul
The widest ocean, the deepest blue,
Such beauty there in you
The purest nature, the deepest soul
I see you, there as one
This pureness, this sparkling gold
Such wonder there in you
All around us; the purest soul

~ M.L. Adams