Dynamic Force

Energy coursing,
Racing and flowing
Always changing;
Always unknowing

Pushing  and throwing
Nothing that stopped it,
It just kept on going

This forceful energy
Dynamic and growing
Got stronger and stronger
Til  it reached a mighty blowing

Smashing like thunder
Like nothing of any knowning
All dissipated now theres
Nothing more to be showing

Dynamic force
So driving with pain
There was nothing
That  you ever could gain

I am thankful for
Your now gone pain
As I have found a way
To rise up once again

~ M.L.Adams


Gratitude – Louis Schwartzberg

‘Today is not just another day, today is a gift.’
Beautiful video by Louis Schwartzberg that teaches us the importance of gratitude and the beauty that is here in each and every moment.

‘It is never about the destination, it is always about the journey. Live for the journey in each and every moment.’ – M.L.Adams

Begin Again

Begin again

You can’t unlearn what is learnt

Or undo what is done,

Every path is a lesson

To what you can become,

Find the power in every path

Then begin again once more,

To be far stronger and better

Than you ever were before

~ M.L.Adams

For anyone going through a tough time in any way, be strong as you know you are:)

Open Journey

open journey

I am open now, my heart is once more;

I can feel again, like I used to before

The fear and pain had closed me, this time it was no more;

This time was different, a journey of sorts

My feelings were just flowing like never before;

Now I am open again, this time much more

I will not close off again for I choose to have love,

Now I know what to do when things get really tough

I have to keep on fighting, To keep the feeling flowing

Whilst continuing on the path, to where I was going,

This is the journey, the jouney of love & life

The natural ups & downs, the transformations we must seek,

For this is where the heart is; not in closing off & feeling weak

The journey can be hard sometimes, sometimes harder than we know,

We want to run away and hide from all that hurts our soul

But this is far more painful, for then you do not know,

What you are missing out on when you journey with the flow.

~ M.L.Adams

This is one of the first poems I wrote, when I first started writing at the beginning of this year; literally on New Years Day( It wasn’t planned that way of course, so quiet odd:). Anyhow It took a lot of pain for me to go through to get to this place and I was left with this gift of being able to allow my thoughts to  flow in writing, of which I’m immensely grateful for.

I’m thankful also for any readers too, sharing is a blessing as it adds more purpose to writing and I also hope I can inspire some of you too. Writing is a beautiful way of letting go and sharing and I feel blessed to have learnt that this year.

Thank you for reading,




Awake, Awake, sweet souls awake

Awake from that sleep where you hide

The time is now to see your truth

The time is now to wake up from inside

Life is a journey for all souls to take

You don’t need to hide, you can handle this

Ride your sweet journey open and awake

Awake sweet souls; awake for good

Show who you really are, be all you can

Don’t hide from what hurts or you lose what is good

You’ve nothing to hide,  only to bring your beauty to this land

~ M.L.Adams

( Inspired by Brene Brown’s Ted Talk – The Power of Vulnerability.)

The power of vunerability

Powerful, True and inspiring.
The true importance of vulnerability that deep down we all know is essential for real living.
Very real video, well worth watching several times 🙂

‘To be true to ourselves is to be true to others. To be true is to connect on a real level. This is where love exists.’
~ M.L.Adams

The Beautiful Place

beautifu place

The place where love is born

Deep inside where nothings worn

All open fresh and new

Like new spring blossom dew

Such beauty deep within

Brings pimples to your skin

All fresh and new and bright

Like morning sunlight

Hold on each day and night

To such beauty in your life

Each day can be this way

Such a beautiful loving place

~ M. L.Adams