Too lost
Just hurting
In pain
Never knowing
What could of been
Just searching,
For more gain
Looking out;
Lost here,
From within
Never knowing
Simply wanting
All lost
In uncertainty
Where to find you
Right here
Where you;
Have always been
~ M. L Adams

Life choices

“It always comes down to our choice; do we choose to let go, to trust and flow in the truth that is within, or do we choose to allow fear to control, limit and confine us. The choice is ours and the power is always within.”

Heart or Mind

So often in life we are faced with this question;

Which one to follow; heart or mind

If I follow one what will I find,

If I follow the other will it be right

My heart says one thing and my head disagrees,

The environment pulls me away from my hearts need

My head says I have to, my heart say  I don’t want to

My heart feels a pull to; my head is pushed in to

Which do I follow, which one is right

Do I follow my head because I have to;

Or my heart because it feels so right

~ M.L.Adams

Heart or Mind? This can be one of life’s difficult questions, where at sometimes it’s easier to know the answer to than at others.
Which would/do you choose to follow?