Finding Truth and Peace

A tree made in the shape of a heart at sunset.

With the recent Paris attacks as well as others around the world I felt the need to share this with the hope it may touch and help some, please do share if you find it helpful.

When events like this happen it makes all of us question, how can we find truth and peace? When Gandhi stated ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, there was so much wisdom in his words, because it always starts with us, always.

When we can move beyond our own divisions and see the truth in ourselves and others, this creates ripples throughout the world.

Truth is a word that’s often associated with right and wrong and sometimes used to create further division. Here I’m not speaking of this, instead I’m speaking of the truth that is and exists in everyone, in all of us and everything.

To look on a surface level when we live in a materialistic world can be easy to do and a natural default, however  we are far more than this. When we look beyond this surface to see the truth, we can see it in everyone.

There are no opposites, there is no division, it’s all made up. Beyond this illusion there is only love and its all there is, its our creative energy and it’s the truth of what we all are.

No matter what illusions may come about in the world of perceptions, opposites and divisions, this truth even though we can’t see it is the real power precisely because it’s all that is and just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Never lose faith in truth and peace,  there is always hope, its in the smallest things.

When  we connect to our true reality and more of us do so, all divisions and oppositions become meaningless and powerless. This may appear hard to do , yet it is only love that is our natural state and fear is illusion in this reality.

Fight only with love, we are all one. Let’s all choose truth and peace. May peace and love be with you and your loved ones today and everyday ❤

“Love is what we were born with,  fear is what we learned here” ~Marianne Williamson

Where are your thoughts coming from?


Don’t become attached to the clouds, when you are in fact the whole sky, the clouds will pass.

How much of our thoughts are coming from fear and defensiveness and how much are coming from love?

Have you ever considered this question? Personally I have never really been so consciously aware of it as recently whilst studying a course in miracles.

It’s as though our minds are somehow trained in this way of thinking in fear/survival and separateness when in reality it’s the opposite. Even for those of us who know and believe in this, the tendencies to respond in fear or defensiveness can still be there.

The only way I can see in overcoming this on a larger scale is through more of us realising the truth underneath the illusion of separateness. When we know that everything starts from within, in that nothing we see outside has not already been perceived from within, then we have true freedom.

We always have a choice to come from our own truth, from love instead of fear. Change always starts with(in) us.
Miranda ❤

Life choices

“It always comes down to our choice; do we choose to let go, to trust and flow in the truth that is within, or do we choose to allow fear to control, limit and confine us. The choice is ours and the power is always within.”

Believe in you


This last week has been a really tough one for me, I’ve had to make a decision that would potentially change the course of my whole life. Hence a lot of poetry about decisions :). The whole process has brought up a lot of anxiety, this mainly I believe because I’ve had to spend all this time contemplating the future rather than living in the now,(as I prefer to do). Unfortunately at some times we can not be totally in the now and it is necessary to plan for the future.

I have had to face a decision on whether to let go of all I had gained in the last year and 4 months. Those of you who have read my post ‘ One Little Moment , One Transformational Year’ may have picked up on how meaningful this time was for me. Essentially it has been so meaningful that nothing in me wanted to give it up, other than fear of what the future may hold and those niggling doubts of whether I can actually make my dream work.

However, much stronger than this doubt and fear has been this inner driving force that I feel I now have, something that I had lacked for several years previous. This driving force is one that really comes from the heart and one that I’m having to learn to trust in completely because I know that  from this space life is far more beautiful and flows in a way that is at times difficult to describe, life in this way is on a far better or higher level than any time when we are living from should’s , external expectations or fear.

As Steve Jobs said; ‘It’s as though our hearts somehow already know what we want to become.’

Living from the heart somehow overshadows the fears or doubts in our life and brings with it only passion, realisation, beauty  and truth even in the most difficult moments. This is something that I can not let go of now I have found it and so I will follow my heart and passion in hope to inspire others to find and do the same. Whatever the future holds we can not know, all we can do is make the best causes in now and learn to trust in the truth of our hearts.

Trusting completely in myself I believe is a key part of my journey and it has made me realise too that there maybe many of us who struggle to follow our true passion and live from our hearts, because perhaps the external circumstances at the time do not support this decision. Looking at many people who have had to make such decisions in their lives, in their circumstances it is often just as difficult. They have sometimes risked losing everything for the sake of following their heart and dreams, The Rocky Story is one that immediately comes to mind and there are many more of them.

When we make a daring decision to follow our heart and dreams we can sometimes find that those we hoped or thought may support us don’t or they take some time to come round to it, I have seen this happen for myself and to friends, some of whom then become discouraged because of this negativity or doubt. I don’t believe our friends and family or others try to mean harm by this, I think it’s more that it brings up their own fears and doubts of what they could do but aren’t doing or haven’t done, on the plus side, the opposite can also happen where we can then inspire them to do this too. What Marianne Williams said in ‘Our Deepest Fear’ that It is our light that most frightens us.’ I know now to be so true, but fear doesn’t have to stop us in any decision or circumstance, unless we choose to allow it to.

Given this, I choose to follow my heart with every step and to focus on inspiring others to do the same whilst also focusing on those who do so already and who encourage me to do the same. So I’m  taking this leap of faith and trusting in my heart completely and after recognising the need for belief and support when making this type of decision I’d like to put a suggestion out there;

To all those who follow their heart or are looking to make that step,  if you are ever struggling give me a shout and I’ll be an ear to listen to you and to help you rekindle that belief in you just as others have done for me over the last year and much more so recently. On a larger scale as many of us on here are of the same mind-set of following our hearts and dreams, why not have a WP belief network where we can all encourage each other even more than we do already. Who knows what amazing things we can achieve when we all support and encourage each other in this way?

My main message from this experience for anyone reading this would be;

Never give up on your dreams,

No matter how difficult it may seem,

It doesn’t matter if  others don’t believe in you

Believe in you and your truth;

Then you are sure to find others who will do too

~ M.L.Adams

Thank you for reading,


Fear Growth


Begin from a bud of fear

Into something far more clear

Use it to spur you on

It has held you back for far too long


Begin from a bud of fear

Then shoot in to a mighty roar

Make friends with this thing called fear

Then you willl never be scared of this anymore 

~ M.L.Adams

Fear used to hold me back a lot when I was younger, now I see it for what it is and even though it still comes up I wont let is stop me instead I use it to spur me on. For anyone who struggles with fear , get out there and do it anyway. Face it and you’ll likely find great gifts on the other side.

Fear never has to hold us back, use it as your friend to push you on to greater and better things. Feel the fear and do it anyway, then you’ll look back every time wondering why you were so fearful of this thing that is now easy to you. Fear is just an energy created in our own minds , we decide how to use it. Never stop growing 🙂