Mists before the sun


You are as you were created, and so is every living thing you look upon,
Regardless of the images you see
What you behold as sickness and pain
As weakness and as suffering and loss
Is but temptation to see yourself as defenceless and in hell
Yield not to this, and you will see all pain in every form wherever it occurs but disappear as mists before the sun



All I know is I surrender
I surrender to the truth that I know
For all that’s in the world of fear and control,
Is nothing that I want to know
I want none of it any longer
None of those frightful dreams, I let go of all as it’s ever been
To surrender to the truth as I know,
It’s here that lies true freedom
Beyond all those illusional folds
Where nothing other than love is,
Where we’re forever flying above 💗

~ M. L Adams

Always Ahead


Always ahead,
In the space,
Never reacting,
Here as one,
Always ahead,
Here as being,
As stillness in action

– M. L Adams

From above

We all can be the judge,
To see the seeming differences that appear to separate us
Yet in doing this we forget,
We are the only one
That in any or all differences
It’s just a different way of dance,
To see the truth in all
Is the only way above
Where all perceived differences
Become clear illusions
It’s here there is only truth;
Where all that matters is love ❤

~ M. L Adams

All is here

You are the dance
You are the stream,
You are the all;
In everything

Here and now
In all that is
All is one,
It’s everything

You can’t hold on,
Only flow
Here and now;
With all that is

Freedom is here,
In all it’s ways
As truth in all;
Here it is

The flow is you
The flow is me
It’s never gone;
All is here

Here and now,
As you are
See it here,
It’s all around

In beauty here,
The truth you are
All is here,
It always is

Love is here,
Love is truth
Breath right here;
Be as you ❤

~ M. L Adams

Inspired by the teachings of Alan Watts ❤

See all

See all as it is
Be with all
Hear all as it is
Be with all
Feel all as it is
Love all

Be here right now,
Not over there
See what’s here right now,
Not back then
Appreciate all as one;
See within

Love all as they are
See the truth
Love all as they are,
All as one

Know that nothing’s ever wrong
All is one,
Know that nothing’s ever wrong;
Be the whole 💗

~ M. L Adams



All beauty exists here and now,
Beneath all form of shadow and doubt
Beneath all fear and false pretence
Lies this beauty in complete oneness
This truth we can easily forget,
It’s who we are at the core of everything
We lose this knowledge when we focus on gain,
In greed and falseness that only lead to pain,
We cover this truth with all we think is beauty
Forgetting all we really need already lies within
Here is the source, our real true selves
All the beauty we need; all the real wealth
~ M. L Adams

Let’s never forget all we really are ❤


Truth Seeing

I saw deeper with you
Through all the blurred lines that cover truth
I saw pure beauty in you
In all you are and all you do

Regardless of all surface matter
This truth has always been there
This pure beauty that lies open to be
In all that’s here , in all that exists

This pure beauty is now so clear
The greatest thing you ever gave to me
Now I see pure beauty everywhere
It’s all around me, in all that’s here

You opened my eyes to all that’s true
To all that’s here , in all that exists
There is no way I can really thank you
Just please know I’m forever grateful
For all you are, for all this truth,
For all I see now; because of you

~ M. L. Adams