More than ever


If I see obstacles,
I put them there
So I remove them,
I choose to see truth
To see freedom
I choose to be truth
To be freedom
I choose to inspire
To love,
In freedom
I am flow;
More than ever

~ M. L Adams

All is here

You are the dance
You are the stream,
You are the all;
In everything

Here and now
In all that is
All is one,
It’s everything

You can’t hold on,
Only flow
Here and now;
With all that is

Freedom is here,
In all it’s ways
As truth in all;
Here it is

The flow is you
The flow is me
It’s never gone;
All is here

Here and now,
As you are
See it here,
It’s all around

In beauty here,
The truth you are
All is here,
It always is

Love is here,
Love is truth
Breath right here;
Be as you ❤

~ M. L Adams

Inspired by the teachings of Alan Watts ❤