The only forever

It’s in all I say or want to say,
Yet words can not express this truth,
In knowing that always,
This truth; the one and only truth
Beyond all else
Exists within you,
Within all of us;
This is the only forever

~ M. L. Adams

Truth is a pathless road

Truth is a pathless road.
A road that is not a road.
It is total expression that has no before or after.
How can there be methods and systems by which to arrive at something that is living?
To that which is static, fixed, dead, there can be a way, a definite path but not to that which is living
~ Bruce Lee ~


Fall in to this moment
This beautiful moment alone,
Where all that was once is no more
Where all that was once difficult is now beautiful
Fall in to this moment, fall and let go,
Let go of all that was and will be,
Become all you really know
This moment is all there ever is,
In this moment we experience pure bliss
Fall again, fall, accept all that is,
Fall in to this moment, where all our possibilities exist
~ M.L Adams

Easy Come, Easy Go

So true.. Thank you Anupadin

The Search For Enlightenment

Easy Come, Easy GoNothing worth doing, nothing worth achieving, nothing worth the effort ever came easily. There is a simple reason for that. What is easily done can be easily undone.

To move steadily forward on one’s chosen path, step after step, whether or not others are watching; to meet difficulties with the steady, relentless strength of ceaselessly flowing water-such firmness of purpose, such integrity and perseverance builds a foundation that can never be compromised.

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The Oprah story….

Such an inspirational journey.

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  • Sexually abused at 9;
  • Ran away from home at 13;
  • pregnant at 14;
  • Beauty queen at 17;
  • Abused drugs in her 20s;
  • First black American woman on National T.V in America
  • Millionaire at 32 and first black billionaire in U.S.


Sounds like a movie but true…

Oprah Winfrey one of the most respected Black American women in the world started out a deprived black American girl in the poor city of Kosciusko, Mississippi to unmarried lovers. She started her early education in the kitchen of grandmother because her maid mother could not afford formal education. Her grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee, was so poor that Oprah often wore dresses made of potato sacks, for which the local children made fun of her.

At 14 after the death of her son shortly after his birth; Oprah was shipped off to her father Nashville Tennessee; who was strict and made education her priority…

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Beauty and Truth


It’s always the flowers that greet;
The sunshine, the beautiful things

Be the flowers and sunshine you see,
Be the lover who is always there to greet

Be the beauty thats always there
In every way, each and every day;
In all the small things you say

Just as the sunshine and flowers know,
Your beauty is there inside of you

This is who we all are; as natures true soul

To live in love and light,
That’s natures real goal

To never ever retreat;
No matter what the obstacle

But to continue living each day,
In this beautiful and loving way

Always giving and growing,
Being the beauty that you are,

Shining as the sunshine you see,
Being the light for others in need

The star that always shines as true;
The greeter, the lover,the one who always knew

If you don’t do this for another; then please do it for you

For when you serve you, you will serve others too

Then when you serve others, you will also serve you,

Life is this cycle of beauty and truth

Be one with this truth that’s always been there; within you

~ M.L.Adams