A Prayer for the All

 A prayer for the all

Moving through stages

To where all of life is always connected,

Seeing the all, in movement through stillness

Where the melody between all of the beats is created,

Where one to one is simply one

They all go together in interrelation,

All meeting here in this beautiful life

Springing from the ground;

Blooming in to appearance♡

~ M.L Adams


What if all is one
Where heart and mind have always been
Here there is no separation,
Only that you choose to see

Where there is no duality
Only a beautiful space in between,
Where all is one
All is whole, and all is free

When we see from here
Only love can be our goal
All else is lost
Of no true way, or meaningful cause

So we connect,
Connect to all that has ever been
To see the truth in all that is, To be the truth in all to come 🙏

~ M. L Adams

In everything

I’m everywhere, so are you,
There is nothing in the world that we can’t do,

All that is exists as one,
You only need focus on what you want to become,

In everything, in all you do
Simply be as you are, so beautiful and true ,

Living in love, with all of life
In rhythm and heart,
Simply fall in love; become all you are

Let go of seeking,
There’s no need anymore,
In the here and now; you are all that is, you are in everything

~ M. L Adams