Make things happen


Consistent focus and consistent action makes things happen!

I just wanted to share with you guys that I’m off for an awesome life changing wknd with the big man Anthony Robbins and so to share the energy with you.

Life is what we make it so let’s make amazing things happen!! Have an amazing weekend.

Miranda ❤


Become one with your goals and your dreams,
Not with what all else may seem
We get what we choose in this life,
No matter what surrounds us right now
When you choose faith over fear every time;
Your dreams will come true, without doubt
~ M.L. Adams

This poem is inspired by a post on the rocky story by an amazing coach and mentor of mine, please read if your also in need of some inspiration, it’s the best version I’ve ever read.

Never give up on your dreams, effort every day will go a very long way.

You Choose

There’ll be people who judge you
No matter what you do
Good or bad, true or untrue
So why be anything but yourself, Doing that which you choose
It’s up to you, either they win;
Or you do

~ M.L.Adams

I have often felt judged in my life, sometimes harshly and others not so. This could often spur me on to do the thing I wanted to even more and at other times hold me back in fear. Now I figure that people will judge us no matter what we do so as long as you know your doing good and what is right for you, always do that which you choose.

True victory

Those who judge solely on the surface
Those who never look deep
They never see that which you see;
Or in those who see this way too

Those who live solely on the surface
Only see materialistic feats
They don’t see the battles that matter
The ones that are fought so hard from within

Those that do see this way know too
That true victory is won from the soul
The victory that gives the strength of a lion
The ones that show all beauty as it is

Those who choose to only see the surface
Also choose to never ever know
That the victory that lies beneath the surface
Is the victory that is pure gold

~ M.L.Adams

Natures goal


I just wanted to share this inspiration today; sometimes I don’t know where this comes from but for me it seems to makes sense..

In that we are all part of nature and our only difference is that we can tend to resist or force things more, rather than allowing creation to take its course and having full faith in this.

The beauty of nature that surrounds us everyday is perfect evidence of all that’s possible..

The beauty of the land and in all of nature grows in such an order that we can see and live in awe in all that we do and all that’s possible

The ability to do this too is our nature and to have faith in this is our strength

To grow and manifest in accordance with nature is our natural ability and a demonstration of gratitude to all of nature and truth, thus natures true goal.’

This Love

The silly little things don’t matter anymore;
This love it will always conquer all
This love, it is my driving force
This love, It makes me unstoppable

This love gives meaning to everything
The power to overcome anything
The capability, the strongest drive
It will always pull me through to the other side

I know this is possible,
I know I can
I have done this before,
So I can do it again

~ M.L.Adams

This poem is actually about the love I have for my son and how it overshadows everything, in how he gives me the strength and drive to do and overcome anything for him.

The strength and beauty that comes from love is I believe stronger than anything and that this is why it gives us that courage to face things we wouldn’t otherwise. It is all that really matters.

Wishing you all a day full of love today ❤

Beauty and Truth


It’s always the flowers that greet;
The sunshine, the beautiful things

Be the flowers and sunshine you see,
Be the lover who is always there to greet

Be the beauty thats always there
In every way, each and every day;
In all the small things you say

Just as the sunshine and flowers know,
Your beauty is there inside of you

This is who we all are; as natures true soul

To live in love and light,
That’s natures real goal

To never ever retreat;
No matter what the obstacle

But to continue living each day,
In this beautiful and loving way

Always giving and growing,
Being the beauty that you are,

Shining as the sunshine you see,
Being the light for others in need

The star that always shines as true;
The greeter, the lover,the one who always knew

If you don’t do this for another; then please do it for you

For when you serve you, you will serve others too

Then when you serve others, you will also serve you,

Life is this cycle of beauty and truth

Be one with this truth that’s always been there; within you

~ M.L.Adams