The fight within

You’ve beaten it,
You’ve beaten them
The fight outside,
Is the fight within;
Know then,
That if you so choose;
You will always win

~ M.L Adams ~

Fighters sight

When you look at fighters what do you see?
I see energy, purpose and passion,
I see love beating ever faster
Overcoming that which got in the way,
To reach a resolution that may never be said,
To move beyond,
That which may have always stayed
On to a place far more beautiful,
Far more clear;
Away from any pain,
Or hurtful tears
To move on to true beauty; in heartfelt peace 🙏

~ M.L Adams ~

Fight with certainty


It’s the fighter in me,
The winner, you see
I will always keep going; no matter what!

However many times I get knocked down,
I will always get back up!

This is why I know for certain;
That whatever tries to stand in my way,
I will break through it and win, no matter what!

They may kick me;
Or even try to break me,
But I will always rise to the top!

~ M. L Adams