Being Empowered

At certain times in life we can reach a point where we feel powerless; powerless to that which is happening either directly to us or around us.
At these times however real it may feel, this feeling of powerlessness is an illusion.

We always have power


Because we always have choice – no matter what the situation or circumstance,
We have the most important choice

That of how we show up.

So how can we go from feeing powerless to being empowered

1.) In how we choose to be
2.) In how we choose to focus
3.) In what we choose to do

Ultimately it is the energy we choose to bring to any situation.

And this energy is the most powerful thing that we have – we choose what we bring to any circumstance and through doing so we create a ripple effect. We can choose the effect we wish to create and from here help those around us too.

With us all being energy, we are never powerless, we are creative beings, giving power to that which we choose through our own awareness. We all can make and create a difference within this world, starting with ourselves. We get to choose how, and in doing this we will influence others too.

Whether winter or summer
You still have a choice
Even though it may not feel that way,
You always have power
You always have a voice đź’—

The most important thing to realise is our power lies within us, not outside of us. So if ever your feeling powerless, come back to this truth, it’s from here we create change in our lives to begin with. Know that it is always you who decides how you show up today, on what you choose to focus on and on the energy you wish to create for your life and those around you.

As Gandhi so famously stated;

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

It starts with us. Create from within and stay in charge. đź’—

Finding Truth and Peace

A tree made in the shape of a heart at sunset.

With the recent Paris attacks as well as others around the world I felt the need to share this with the hope it may touch and help some, please do share if you find it helpful.

When events like this happen it makes all of us question, how can we find truth and peace? When Gandhi stated ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, there was so much wisdom in his words, because it always starts with us, always.

When we can move beyond our own divisions and see the truth in ourselves and others, this creates ripples throughout the world.

Truth is a word that’s often associated with right and wrong and sometimes used to create further division. Here I’m not speaking of this, instead I’m speaking of the truth that is and exists in everyone, in all of us and everything.

To look on a surface level when we live in a materialistic world can be easy to do and a natural default, however  we are far more than this. When we look beyond this surface to see the truth, we can see it in everyone.

There are no opposites, there is no division, it’s all made up. Beyond this illusion there is only love and its all there is, its our creative energy and it’s the truth of what we all are.

No matter what illusions may come about in the world of perceptions, opposites and divisions, this truth even though we can’t see it is the real power precisely because it’s all that is and just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Never lose faith in truth and peace,  there is always hope, its in the smallest things.

When  we connect to our true reality and more of us do so, all divisions and oppositions become meaningless and powerless. This may appear hard to do , yet it is only love that is our natural state and fear is illusion in this reality.

Fight only with love, we are all one. Let’s all choose truth and peace. May peace and love be with you and your loved ones today and everyday ❤

“Love is what we were born with,  fear is what we learned here” ~Marianne Williamson

Keeping our eyes and heart open


When the world is shook by tragedies such as those that recently happened in Pakistan, it can be easy to become angry in defiance or maybe even withdraw from a level of pain. Yet as understandable as this is, what I believe to help far more is to stand up from a place of love and compassion against this cruelty. To instead strengthen the level of consciousness in the world.

There is only one place that kind of evil can come from and that is complete unconsciousness and ignorance to the fact that we are all one, this is what hurts more than anything. Although hard to compare, this same thing  on a far smaller and different scale can happen to all of us. Where we can see ourselves as separate from or important than another.

We all live in our own space/ society, but the truth is we are all one and it always starts with us. We may have been powerless to those  atrocities or to any other personal misfortunes in our own life but it is never too late to stand up and make a change. To strengthen the consciousness over unconsciousness; to choose to create instead of react.

Whenever our world view whether personal or global is shook we can use it to create something new. Any reaction comes from unconsciousness, so instead we can choose to create from our truth and therefore reinforce this instead. Alternatively we can allow the pain of the suffering to send us back to sleep. By keeping our eyes and hearts open we will come from a more conscious place and therefore create a far better cause for ourselves and the world.

When we come from a place of love which is always a choice that we have, we then send ripple effects of love energy that will overpower this unconsciousness eventually because of the sheer power that love has and the truth that lies within it. Lets keeps our eyes and heart opens by standing up for all those who have suffered through sending all the love, prayers and compassion they deserve. Miranda xx