Fear Growth


Begin from a bud of fear

Into something far more clear

Use it to spur you on

It has held you back for far too long


Begin from a bud of fear

Then shoot in to a mighty roar

Make friends with this thing called fear

Then you willl never be scared of this anymore 

~ M.L.Adams

Fear used to hold me back a lot when I was younger, now I see it for what it is and even though it still comes up I wont let is stop me instead I use it to spur me on. For anyone who struggles with fear , get out there and do it anyway. Face it and you’ll likely find great gifts on the other side.

Fear never has to hold us back, use it as your friend to push you on to greater and better things. Feel the fear and do it anyway, then you’ll look back every time wondering why you were so fearful of this thing that is now easy to you. Fear is just an energy created in our own minds , we decide how to use it. Never stop growing 🙂


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