There is always a choice

Of how to be and how to feel

Sometimes it feels wrong,

That you don’t know what will come

That your subject to outside

But what really matters at this time

Is how you choose to focus now

Its up to you how you take this situation

Its up to you what you do with this time

Really what matters now is you

What you have and what you can do

How you feel and what you choose

Never forget who you really are

You are never subject to outside

You are the one with the choice

Of which way to go in your life

You are the chooser of the way

Of the path that your life can now take

~ M.L.Adams

Ignite Within


Feel the fire come up within you
There is nothing to hold you back
Just believe in yourself, you will win

Bring up the force from within you
Believe in yourself this is true
There is nothing that can hold you back now
Nothing except for you

Feel that force from within you
All is possible from there
There is nothing , or no place stronger
Just believe in yourself and your there

All is possible from here and now,
Listen to that place from within
All you have to do is believe in yourself
There is nothing that will keep you from here.

~ Miranda. L. Adams

A little motivational inspiration for you on a Monday, have a great day 🙂


strong tree

When times get tough, 

Know that your stronger than this

There is nothing that is stronger;

Just believe

The strength and spirit that lies within you,

There is nothing that is stronger than this

You will overcome it,

You will learn from it,

You will grow from it

Then the strength that lies within you;

Will be open for all to see

You are stronger than you think you are; 

Know it and all will see

You are stronger than you think you are;

You are like the strongest of trees

Taller and stronger than anything;

With roots you cant easily see

This problem that is before you, 

Is then nothing but a breeze

Believe in your truth and courage,

Believe you are stronger than this

Shine like the star you truly are;

Don’t be defeated by anything

~ M.L.Adams

The Game

What is this game

where we have to lie and cheat,

To compete and defeat

Fighting hard to succeed

Life is for living amongst one another

Not against each other

To live in harmony with each other

Not to fight one another

Not to play this game who is better than who

Who can win or who can lose

But to live together in this world;

In harmony with each other

To bring peace to the world

It starts with each one of us

There is no need for this way

Let’s put a stop to it now;

Let’s put an end to this game

To the anger and to the shame

To find real peace and love again

To live in love and wonder; that is real gain

~ M.L.Adams

Heart Call

heart call

Born for something
Set for something
Found for something
Flow for something

Which way, which way
This way, that way
You know, I know;
This is the high way

The one that takes you
Like a divine force
You know I know
This is the way forward

Nothing is more sure
Than to follow your hearts call
Or all will be  lost for;
Simply  follow your true heart call

I am the one who
Finds your true path for you
Ignore all the other calls
I’m the one meant for you

~ M.L.Adams

Everyone’s a Buddha…

Thanking the Spoon

… Yep, that includes you, your best mate, your lover, your beautiful kids, your gorgeous grandma and your favourite teacher from school. But you knew that already, right? The thing is, it also includes the colleague who bitches about you, the friend who betrayed you, the lover who stopped loving you, the driver who cut you up at a roundabout, the father who judged you, the boss who sacked you and that irritating kid down the road who you feel like strangling sometimes! Although this may be hard to believe, Nichiren was adamant that everyone has Buddha-potential: “All of the people of the ten worlds can attain Buddhahood. We can comprehend this when we remember that fire can be produced by a stone taken from the bottom of a river, and a candle can light up a place that has been dark for billions of years.”

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