Always see

I love you
I see you
All that matters is this truth;
The one you are, beyond all doubt,
Where beauty lies and I as well,
I promise to you; I always will

Please tell me that you choose this too,
That no matter what in anything you see the truth beyond all else,
There is nothing more,
Only this;
My only wish for you is happiness ❤
~ M. L Adams

Look within


I am one
I am here
Far gone from all you’ve ever feared

Always with you,
Right beside you
In all you’ve ever seen
I was here; I forever have been

Choose to see,
Be here with me
Where our hearts are one,
They always have been

I love you; I always have
See within;
Where you heart is whole,
Look within;
Right there is where I’ll always be

~ M. L Adams