The way

I found on this way
All I seek is here to stay
It’s all within me; here inside
Yet I was seeking it outside

All security, freedom and fun
I contain right here where I am,
When I see it in others, I see it in me
When I inspire others, they inspire me

This is a sure thing I know it’s true
I know as well as knowing can do
This true way lifts higher than before,
This place I seek to show in everyway

All I do from here on in;
Will be from this place of love
The way where no limits exist,
The way where all beautiful souls co-exist

~ M.L.Adams

It’s all a gift

It’s all a gift;
The good and bad,
The light and the dark
The trials and the struggles,
The victories and the joyful moments

It’s all a gift,
When you see it as this,
You’ll always make the most of it

Find the joy within each,
Each struggle will then have a victory
Each difficulty will have joy to seek
Each trial will have a winning end
When you seek the gift in everything

~ M. L. Adams


When life is lost and you can’t decide,

To find a way you must seek inside
This is what I’ve found on this journey of seeking,

That the one way to go, is that which gives you most feeling
The one that excites you, that wakes you and shakes you

That may bring fear, yet it’s the one that feels most clear,
It’s the one that brings a light in you, inside of you to enliven you

To be seeking too long is to become lost further,
Which to follow; the well worn path,
Or one not taken by many another

The answers only seem to lie within, As only you know the answers your seeking

To not follow on this path is to never know; what you could have been, if you had never let go

~ M.L.Adams

The Unseen

All that’s taught beneath our sight,
All that’s true and yet unseen,
Is there to guide us and to teach
Trust in the truth of this world

 It’s always there to guide you well
At anytime you may need help;
Were never ever all alone
We are all connected beyond all known

This is the truth that’s of our world
That’s there to guide us all so well
All we have to do is listen,
In anytime we may need help

This is the truth of the unseen
The truth of life that we do not see
Protecting always with deep love and care
The truth of life that’s always there

Having faith in this truth always,
Will always guide you well,
Showing you the ways to go
Ways that only you know;
From the deepest depths of your soul

~ M.L.Adams

Believing in this part of ourselves, in our intuition, can be difficult when there is so much around us to tell us otherwise, or to tell us to listen to that which we see not that which we do not; that which exist within our hearts.

Learning to do this more I believe is itself a journey, one that we can be on until we trust in this part of ourselves completely without question.

This journey is one I’m on right now and I’m learning to trust in it more and more,  however scary at first it may be.
Im finding that there are many people who are also following this path and that this part of ourselves seems to already know what is right for our own life journey. Trust in the truth within 🙂

The Path

Follow the path of least resistance
Follow the path of flow
Follow the one that’s within you
The one that you intuitively know

The one that feels like a calling
That reaches out to you
Where difficult becomes easy
The path where all beauty will flow
~ M.L.Adams

One to think of before setting your New Years resolutions 🙂

‘What You Will to Be’ by James Allen

You will be what you will to be;
Let failure find its false content
In that poor world, “Environment,”
But spirit scorns it and is free
It masters time, it conquers space;
It cows that boastful trickster, chance,
And bids the tyrant circumstance
Uncrown, and fill a servants place
The human will, that force unseen
The offspring of a deathless soul
Can hew a way to any goal
Though walls of granite intervene
Be not patient in delay
But wait as one who understands;
When spirit rises and commands,
The gods are ready to obey

~ James Allen, (taken from his book ‘As a Man Thinketh.’)

The main concept of this poem and his book is that it is ultimately our thoughts and our will that determine our future. It is never the environment, although it may be a difficult concept to take on at first, It is a far more empowering belief to have than to believe we are subject to the environment.

By filling our minds with positivity and determination to succeed, that is then what we create and experience more of in our world. James Allen saw this over 100 years ago and left us an inspirational legacy in teaching through his writing and poetry.  Thank you James Allen.

Your Health

It is your health that is your real true beauty in life,

So easily given and then more easily taken, it is the real true gift

Value it with your life, for it depends on it so

There are many a people who aren’t even fortunate enough to know

 Always remember the real true gift,

It is right there within you; don’t wait for it to fly by

Many a people have done so and then they realise,

That their real true gift was right before their eyes

 Many a true scholar have told us these words before

It is now time we listen, for its more important than before

Our world is filled with guises that hide us from this gift

The only way to truly know is from how you feel inside

 So stand up for your life and be true to yourself;

Don’t hide from your health it is your real gift of wealth

 For once you really have it, then you will truly know

 That the real gift of life is right there before you,

 If only  you choose to let it be so

~ Miranda Adams

Health and  Health improvement is a huge passion of mine and I’m lucky enough to have been able to pursue this professionally. The above poem I wrote to inspire people to recognise the real value of health, it is unfortunately too often not recognised until our health begins to suffer , and our health really is the greatest gift we have, always treasure it.

To find out more about my health business and to check out my blog there you can find it at , Enjoy a great and healthy day 🙂

Set Yourself Free


To wait on another is to give away your soul to another

To give over control to another is to pass away your faith to another

So take your control back, take your power back;

It’s the only way forward and there is no way back


Take action based on the best for all,

Not on where others may rise or fall

No matter how much it hurts, just do what is best

For there’s only one way forward and there’s no way back,


You have met with many a struggle before

Now you have the knowledge and you know this way forward

All is new and welcome in this place

All you have to do is choose this true way


Know what it’s like to be in that zone

To be all you can, with all that you know

To own your own life and not be owned by another

You have all you need within you you see; all that you need to now set you free


So choose this higher and equal way, choose the way you want to face

The choice is yours and yours alone

Don’t wait on another to show you this way

We are in control when we choose to be, so take that step now; it will set you free

~ M. L. Adams